m/c 2 months ago.... hpt positive ... could it be only hormones or am i preg??
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JennH2007 - December 27

I found out I was pregnant about 6 months ago...and had every symptom in the book. I was 6 weeks along when I found out. The first symptom I had was severe lower back pain. My bf was in a diff state so I waited to go to the docs until i moved. I moved 2 weeks later and I was in the docs 1 week later. They scheduled my ultrasound for 2 weeks later, but before i could get in I started bleeding very heavily with terrible cramps. I went to the e.r. and found out I was losing the baby. They had told me that the baby had stopped growing at 5 weeks and my hormone levels were too high for it to survive. I decided to have a natural miscarriage ... which was a awful mistake. My m/c began on 9/16 and ended some time around 10/20. I had a really bad one, giant clots, soaking through at least 2 pads an hour. When it finally finished i started bleeding again 2 weeks later, then 2 weeks after that, after that i considered it had become regular again. Ive had one normal period since then, which began on 12/7..... on 12/23 i started having bad lower back pains (which are now virtually gone) and decided to be on the safe side and take a test even though i wasnt late........it was positive. i took another that night and the next morning and it was the same. I dont have any symptoms.. i feel normal, but i started spotting.... first brown, then heavier to a pink/brown and now a very light red/brown flow. i took another test this morning yet again it was positive.... I dont know if im pregnant.

it could be implantation bleeding...
my monthly...
the hormone still present...
a chemical miscarriage....

I just dont know..... where can i go with no insurance, where they can verify real results with out using a hpt??? would my cervix be closed? need some advice..... really stressed out over the situation esp since i just had a m/c and im still really emotional over it. is it possible that the hormone is still present.... even though it was 2 months ago... ive read so many articles and they all provide different answers and opinions. like i said, i dont have any symptoms... but i thought that maybe it ws too early if im just getting implantation bleeding.

sorry that this is soooo long. please help.


lyly14 - December 27

Jenn- I am not a doctor, but did you ever go back in after the miscarriage to check if it was complete? If any of the contents of the previous pregnancy were retained it can cause the hormones to remain present. I would definitely see a doctor!


JennH2007 - December 27

no, i didnt go back. i tried to but the docs turned me away saying that i 'needed a referral' which was b.s.... I made a apt as soon as i was done bleeding because they said they wouldnt see me before then. I made a apt, the soonest that they could see me was a month away. I went to the docs around 11/21. thats when they turned me down and i can't afford a large medical bill.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 27

The half life of the pregnancy hormone is about 36 hours. That is to say that if the level is 10,000 Iu/L, and no more is being produced by placenta, 36 hours later, the level will be about 5000. Another 36 hours, it should be about 2500. It is possible you have retained parrts of the placenta, producing hormone. It is also possible you have a tumor of the placenta, which can be treated with medicatioin. You need to be seen by a Reproductive Endocrinologist or an OB-GYN.
Good luck.


JennH2007 - December 27

Well I am going to planned parenthood on monday..... I suppose I could have a tumor..... I did have a really bad miscarriage which should have ended in a D&C but I did not want to take that route. I did have a 'normal' monthly though which makes me believe that everything has already been flushed through my system..... and with the hcg levels diminishing that quickly I would have to assume that I am having implantation bleeding.


lyly14 - December 28

Glad to hear you are going to planned parenthood to get checked. Good luck to you. Keep us posted.


JennH2007 - January 1

yea, so I called planned parenthood last week on wednesday to schedule a apt. They told me to not worry about it and that I would be seen as soon as I came in. They also told me to come on Monday because they would have a 'specialist' available. So I showed up at 10:45, didn't get in until one.... was going for a preg test and an exam to see if my cervix was closed. They told me they wouldn't look at me because I had been spotting the previous week. They told me that I needed to go to the emergency room. They said they could only do a preg test AGAIN which is ridiculous because I've taken 7 this week including that night before... and they all are positive. I then asked to speak to the 'specialist' and they said that the didn't have anyone there that was one. So they recommended that I go to this 'emergency' facility. So I went, but didn't get treatment because I didn't have a patient referral. they then told me to go to an urgent care facility.... I went there and they wanted $80 just to do a store boughten preg test and nothing more. this place didn't do blood work or ultrasounds. I have no idea on where to go. I just want to know whats going on with my body.... if anything.... Any ideas? I can't afford an emergency room visit again, I just received my bill from 9/16 for $2,000.... I don't know what to do. I can't believe that I'm getting he 'run around' and no help from one facility.... any advice?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 1

It will cost you far more to go to an emergcy room than to go to an OB-GYN office. Schedule an appointment to have an OB-GYN see you. If there is a medical school or teaching hospital near you, you can be seen in a clinic, and it will probably be cheaper than a private practice office.
Good luck.


mo - January 2

Can an orgasm result in miscarriage?


JennH2007 - January 2

...... not that i know of. I would think not...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 2

Pregnant women commonly have orgasms without losing the pretgnancy.


JENNY22074 - January 3

JennH2007 - Do you have a health department near you?...You can always go there unless your planned parenthood is the health department...The counties in your state should each have a health department where you would apply for health insurance assistance or even WIC...I hope this is of help to you...


JennH2007 - January 3

they don't really. the closest one is 2 hours away. I did however, schedule a apt for the 14th with my old doc. they told me that they would only see me if i was 'preg' and i have a positive test...... so they cant turn me down again.


JennH2007 - January 20

so I went to planned parenthood on thursday, had an ultrasound, they did not see anything... so the did a vaginal and had no luck. yet again did another preg test which was of course positive. They decided to take a blood sample to see what the hcg level was in my blood. it was 1,821.... they assumed around 4 weeks. i read online that i should be around 426.... for week four.... is this normal... or is it too high. they also mentioned the chance of an ectopic preg but said that i'm not showing signs of that. i still don't have any preg symptoms. they wanted to schedule another ultrasound, but i said no because of the money currently. i deicided to go with another blood test on monday to see what the levels are. if they double... im assuming i am... but they seem to high? do you know?


lyly14 - January 20

JennH2007- I too have had miscarriages. They are really devestating and it stinks that so many of us women have to endure them. I have been following your issue and had posted to you before. I hope you don't mind, but I just can't help but put in my 2 cents. I noticed you said they assumed you were 4 weeks. What did they base that on? In your first post you said you had a positive test on 12/23/07. You probably wouldn't get a positive on the hpt until at least 3 1/2 to 4 weeks but you said you had your period on 12/7/07. I don't see how you would get a positive so quickly on a hpt. It has been quite some time since you took the first test and I would say if you are pregnant you should be much futher along than 4 weeks by now especially with the hcg at 1821. Anyway I am not a doctor, but that is just my opinion. Dr Jacobs mentioned the possibility of a tumor of the placenta from you previous miscarriage. You should really have them do more testing. I really hope they can give you more definitive answers on monday and everything turns out okay and you are pg with a healthy baby to be. If your hcg hits 2000 you should really go for another sono. They should be able to see something by then. I am praying for you. Good luck to you and keep us posted.


JennH2007 - January 20


well.... I honestly do not know. I talked to them about the possibility of a tumor. they said they would be able to see it on the ultrasound.... and they saw nothing. they said that they also wont do a pelvic exam till they see were it is..??? they wanted to do another ultrasound this upcoming thursday, but i honestly cannot get another one at this time. I assume that the blood will show the decrease or increase. I do see what you are saying about the dates. I did ask them in the office how soon you can get a positive after conception... they told me in some women as early as 10 days and for some... even earlier. but if we go with the 10 day theory... that would mean that i had conceived around dec 13.... I also want to let you know.... that my 'period' isn't like a normal one. I don't have it for 5-7 with horrible bleeding. Ive always been a 2-4 day person with moderate bleeding. However, they haven't been normal. only spotting for 3-4 every two weeks. So.... I don't know where the clinic got their answer in weeks. I checked it out on a few web sites and I should be like 5-6 weeks..... which would make sense with the level of hormones. I think.... that if I am preg I am 4 weeks and change or 5 by now...... I am going to get the blood work done on monday and see if it increased or decreased. If it increased I will schedule another ultrasound in the next 2 weeks. They also had told me at the docs that they didnt see anything remaining from the previous preg... Im assuming that they are referring to an attached placenta. I understand where you are coming from and I agree that the numbers don't match up. I am going to talk to them about this as well. I appreciate your help on the matter.


JennH2007 - January 24

So Ive had a bad day. my count went from 1,821 to 1,774... they said im miscarrying. withing 20 minutes that i got off the phone i started bleeding and had clots.... blah! this sucks. everyone is disappointed... I am too. hope you have better luck. :)



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