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Mbre - December 7

HI Dr. J

I went to my re today ,a new hospital from my last ivf failure and he told me that I have 4 follies on my right and only 5 on my left and that I just ovulated and my cycle is expected to start. He said from looking at that that he will have to use an aggressive protocol. He said it’s quite low for my age, 27. My mother when into early menopause at 38, is this genetics? Also I was told a low follicular counts means its harder to get a successful pregnancy. But my mother had 7 kids! So obviously it can happen.
1. Is the time you start menopause geneitcs?
2. Based on what I told you with 4 follies on my right and 5 on my left, would you use a more aggressive protocol.
( on my last protocol at Columbia I was on gonal f and repronex for 7 days of 150 mg and made 6 follies, 4 fertilized and 2 made to blast,)
Please make any suggestions

Thanks MBRE


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 8

If we do not see greater than 4 follicles on each ovary, we have a concern about poor ovarian reserve. You may run out of eggs a bit early. There does seem to be a familial disposition, but I know of no proof that there is a specific genetic link. Yes, I think I would use a bit more aggressive protocol, if I were doing IVF for you.
Good luck.


Mbre - December 9

Hi Dr. J,

ON behalf of everyone on this site, Id like to thank you for tour time you spend on this forum day in and out. I really appreciate this. I am sure most of the people on here have their own RE's but it should tell you something, as far as how comfortable we are with bringing our concerns to you. I really appreciate your dedication to this site, when you do not have to do it. I am sure you are a very busy man.

I want to say Thank You, and even though I have not made it to a BFP as of yet, I do feel that you have made this journey for me alot easier, and I appreciate it.

In response to your lase reply. Ok so someone my age should have greater than 20 follies in total? With 4 on my right and 5 on my left, is quite low as you agrees in your earlier statement.( doc said cyst maybe blocking a couple more)
1.Will you believe my egg quality will suffer? ?? :(
I had 2 IVF procedures one failed we transfered only 1 2 day embry( so dont know if it made it tp blast) and my second was on clomid and transfered 1 blast. both BFN. Also i have a very narrow cervix so transfer was 30 min of pain!

I wish you and your family a very happly and blessed holiday,


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 9

Certainly if you have a cyst on an ovary, it can impair follicle developement, and may contribute to the low count. That does not mean the quality of the eggs in a 27 year old will be poor. I cannot discuss your stimulation protocols, but I do not use Clomid. If you wish more information, please see our web site, <www.texasfertility.com>.
Good luck.



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