Late period during DE cycle
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Laura46 - August 3

I'll make this as short as possible, but I really need an objective opinion here.
I'm in the middle of a donor egg cycle. Everything is fine with the donor, today is day 4 of stims and she has 11 small follicles. The problem is that I started a moderately heavy period on day 5 of estrace supplementation (2 mg bid). Today is day 7 of estrace (now at 2mg tid) and I am still bleeding, although it has slowed somewhat. I have requested an additional u/s and e2 level tomorrow to see if I have any lining left. I have pretty regular periods usually and I have been on bcp for 4 months, so my periods have always started on day 23 of the bcp pack. This period started 10 days later than my normal pattern. The only unusual thing about this cycle is that the clinic called me and told me to start estrace on 7/24 (day 21 of my bcp's) and then called me again on the afternoon of 7/26 and told me to stop the estrace because they had made a mistake and the donor hadn't started her period yet. They then called on 7/28 and told me to start estrace again, because the donor had started her period. I have several questions. First, could this "on again, off again" pattern on the estrace be the reason why my period was delayed? Second, if my lining is thin or absent tomorrow, do I have enough time to build a reasonable lining for a 5 day transfer on 8/14 (it looks like retrieval will be on 8/9 right now)? I would appreciate it if you could give me suggestions for a "plan B" if possible. For instance, would it be reasonable just to stop everything now and try again next month, assuming the donor would agree to that? Or if we continue, is there anything that would help build my lining faster (viagra suppositories for instance)? Also, would it be harmful to cut back on the donor's stims a bit and have her continue stimulation for a few days longer, to give me more time to catch up? Please understand me, I am not really angry at the clinic, I know these things can happen...I am just looking for additional information to help me talk to my RE tomorrow and hopefully save this cycle. Also, on my recent IVF and mock cycles I have always built a great lining (10mm, triple stripe) and I am just concerned that because of the late period, I will not have enough time to do that for this cycle. In case you need to know my lining measured 4.75mm, e2 of 124 on 7/28 and my lining was 6.2mm and e2 of 194 on 8/1. Tomorrow, who knows? Thanks for your help!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 4

At the time your donor gets her hCG, your endometrium needs to be greater than 7 mm thick. Cutting the dose of FSH your donor is receiving will not be helpful It will not delay retrieval, other than to ruin the cycle. If you endometrium is not thick enough when your donor gets her hCG, you can freeze the embryos until you can develope a thicker endometrium.
Good luck.



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