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JudyY - November 4

Not sure which Dr to ask so posted here and with Embrologist.


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Lab Mistake
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Please help - My clinic called today and told me the Lab made a mistake. I had 9 eggs retrieved, 7 were mature. I am doing PGD so they have to do ICSI. Well, they successfully fertilized 4 eggs but someone in the lab threw the other 3 mature eggs away. They assured me that the 3 were thrown away and not mixed up with anyone's.

The clinic is recommending that we freeze those 4 and try another cycle to get more embroyos then PGD the new ones and the frozen at the same time then move on to transfer.

I am 34 soon to be 35 and doing PGD as I am a carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This was my 2nd cycle. First cycle cancelled for dominant follicle.

1. Should I freeze these four or try with only four for PGD/transfer.
2. Clinic is offering next cycle for free but would like me to pay for meds. I think they should pay for everything, any thoughts?
3. Is this pure lab negligence? Or does this happen routinely?

Any thoughts are appreciated. I am in shock and do not know if I should follow clinic advice and freeze on day 3 or if I should move on with PGD/transfer.



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 4

I do not feel it is cost effective to do PGD on only 4 embryos. Freezzing fertilized eggs, and doing another cycle to obtain more embryos for PGD is a very sound recommendation, especially if your clinic is absorbing the cost of your second cycle.
Good luck.


JudyY - November 9

Dr. How long after ER should I expect AF? Also, is it safe to start next cycle as soon as AF arrives or do I need to wait for a 2nd AF? Thanks Judy


Barry Jacobs, M D. - November 9

After retrieval, I start my patients on supplemental estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can delay a menstrual flow, even if you are not pregnant. If my patients are not pregnant 2 weeks after retrieval, I stop hormone administration. The next flow usually begins within 5 days. You will probably have some residual cysts, which should be gone by the next cycle.
Good luck.



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