IVF Success and Medrol: Fertility Procedures and Options
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ivfprescriptions - September 12

Medrol is one of the more popular medications prescribed for use in conjunction with fertility medications as well as used in IVF treatments. It has been around for a very long time, but many women are still concerned about taking it because of its steroid classification. In general, it is one of the gentlest types of steroids that can be administered, and many women, as well as clinics, credit Medrol with their IVF success rates.

What is Medrol Prescribed for in IVF?

Medrol (methylprednisolone) generally targets the uterine lining, preventing inflammation of the lining which can often lead to rejection by the embryo. Women who have had several miscarriages, who suffer from endometriosis, or who are having a terrible time with the side effects from other fertility drugs, benefit greatly from Medrol.

Medrol, Used for Suppression Therapy in IVF Treatment

Very often Medrol will be given initially to those just starting an IVF cycle to suppress the immune system following retrieval and transfer. Sometimes it is continued right up until the time of implantation. This allows the body time to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and gives the embryo time to implant and stay implanted.
Medrol Experiences:

The bump.com

Patient #1: A woman has been prescribed Medrol, but she hadn’t received a lot of information from her RE about why it was being prescribed. Others respond quickly telling her that it helps make the effects of the fertility meds easier to handle, and that it also keeps the body from rejecting the implanted embryos.


Patient #2: A patient has never taken steroids before and she is worried that Medrol will have bad side effects, not only on her, but on the baby. Others respond and tell her that Medrol was a godsend because some of the IVF drugs that they had been prescribed made them so nauseous and achy.


Patient #3: A woman posts that her doctor had prescribed Medrol and she wonders if others have taken it and what she should expect. Several respond and tell her that the only thing she needs to do is make sure that she takes it as the doctor directs, especially when combined with other fertility meds.



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