IUI with Gonal F/Lupron Question
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cmorris65 - May 10


First..let me say that we have unexplained infertility. I even had surgery so everything was checked out and dr said everything looks perfect. My husband is OK with sperm count etc. I'm 30 he is 34. We have been TTC for almost 2 yrs. We have gone through 2 IUI's with Clomid..no success..now have moved on to injectibles.

I just got done with my first try of Gonal F with IUI. I'm 20 days past IUI with no period and just got results from blood test that showed a negative. Not sure why haven't gotten my period. They had me on estrogen and progestrone..My question is what is Lupron and why was it used on me? Here is what happened...I started the Gonal F at 150 for 4 days. They noticed that I over-responed and had 16 follicles! They lowered my dose to 75 for 1 day..then 35.7 for 1 day..( they were doing bloodwork and ultrasound daily to watch closely)..I originally was supposed to take a shot of ovidrel to ovulate then do IUI 36 hrs later..but they called me and said change of plan..that they think I'm about to ovulate and also have a chance of hyperstimulation (from bloodwork results) and they want me to take a shot of lupron (20) instead of the ovedrel and come in for IUI next morning? (not even 24hrs later). Why would they want me to take Lupron instead of Ovedrel? They said it should help prevent hyperstimulation as it normally will lower my hormone levels but also it would still make me ovulate? I'm confused. Anything I read online..says Lupron stops ovulation? PLEASE HELP! When they called me with negative test result..they did say from levels that I did ovulate?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 10

Ovidrel is hCG, and is a surrogate for the LH surge, which should produce ovulation. The big difference between hCG and LH is that hCG lasts much longer and stimulates the cysts, and ruptured (ovulated) follicle. It is the cells in these follicles which secrete things which can produce hyperstimulation. Lupron, as its initial action, causes the pituitary gland to dump all its LH and FSH. As such, it produces a surge to trigger ovulation. Since it does not stay in you as long a hVG, there may be a lesser risk of hyperstimulation syndrome.
Good luck.


smaciegracie - October 20

I have PCOS and took Follistim at low doses and finally had more than one follicle (3-4), I got pregnant but lost at 16wks. Now I can't seem to hyperstim for the life of me, out of 12 IUIs the only one I got pregnant from was when I hyperstimulated. The last 5 IUIs I have not been able to hyperstim again even at higher doses. What is wrong with me? I know my testosterone is elevated but everything else is normal including my AMH.



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