IUI and semen samples
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stars - May 8


I wrote to you previously regarding going for ICSI again or IUI with husbands sperm or DIUI. We are at a crossroads as our problem is male related. My hubands 3 samples over the past year has been:

volume ranged from 2.0 - 2.8 ml
sperm concentration ranged from 13.2 - 20.6 million/ml
moltility ranged from 12 - 50 %
total effective count ranged from 5.5 - 16.1 million
normal morphology ranged from 1 - 5%

My husband has had a hydrocele which has been drained in the last year and doesnt seem to be coming back. Only about 6 ml was drained (only a small hydrocele in left testicle).

What we want to know is can we use his for IUI and is there the posibility that several samples can be taken from him (perhaps frozen til the next sample etc) to make up a good sample for IUI?? Therefore making his morphology higher and more chance of success. ???

Next question is can we use his sperm and a donors at the same time??
I have heard that they will 'fight', but also heard that this can be better for the chances of conceiving. ???

Finally is there an advanced semen test that would tell us if his sperm can penetrate an egg and how long would it last? ???

As it stands we could do ICSI again, but I was a poor responder (not sure if the regime was right for me ( 1 egg and embryo grade 1)) and dont want to risk paying out all this money for 1 egg again ( I have no known problems (34 yrs)) and also I have heard that my husbands poor morphology could stop an embryo developing. Hope to hear soon Stars xx


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 8

Since not all the sperm survive the freeze/thaw process, freeezing and pooling multiple samples is rarely beneficial. If you are asking about mixing donor sperm with your husband's, you rare not truly ready for donor. There is a test for sperm penetration. It has the imaginative name. "sperm penetration assay". It is done in the more advanced andrology laboratories, like the one where I refer patients.
Good luck.


stars - May 10

Thanks Dr Jacobs for answering my questions. We are considering DIUI if my husbands sperm is very poor. I think we need to have another semen analysis and decide from there. ICSI is a lot of money and we dont want to give it another go if the chances are more reduced because of poor morphology. This is why I thought I would ask for your opinions.

As there is nothing wrong with me ( as far as I know still need to get my tubes checked, but otherwise ovulating and fsh 3.9 then 8.7 a year later, 34 yrs old) what are our chances with DIUI?

What are our chances looking at my husbands semen analysis (in previous post above) using his for IUI?

What are the chances having ICSI with his poor morphology (have heard this can affect the developing embryo? ) ( I only produced 1 egg last time and 1 grade 1 embryo. However we are looking for another clinic as I was only monitoried once during ovarian stimulation on day 11! Think this was a cycle that perhaps could have been better with closer monitoring and adjusting of drugs accordingly) Hope to hear from you soon, we are at a crossroads as to which way to go Stars xx


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 10

If your tubes have not been "checked out", you have not had an adequate evaluation. I cannot comment on your potential for a successful pregnancy. Please see the information I have provided on our web page, <www.texasfertility.com>, for a detailed description of the evaluation of the infertilie couple. ICSI circumvents morphology problems. That is one of the reasons it was developed.
Good luck.



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