Is my uterus lining too thin?
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marie40 - July 12

I had my first IVF cycle this past Feb. with 3 embies that were 95, 75 snd 75. They all made it to 8 cells at the time of my 3 day transfer. They did not implant. One thing I did question was my uterus lining. It was at 7mm. For my cycle day 9, it was at 7 and they said they like for it to be between 8 and 10 and put me on Viagra supp. along with Terbutaline Sulfate 5mg. 3x a day. At the beginnning on my cycle, they also had me on Estradiol supp. 2mg. one at bedtime. However, when I questioned my lining and how it was still at 7 mm at the time of retrieval, the nurse said it was fine.
The fertility center that I go to has centers nationwide and the founder is at a different location than the one I go to. They also have a chat where you can ask any of the doctors a question. The founder has on his website repeatedly that a linng of less than 8 mm has decreased implantation rates. In a chat, I asked the founder if 7mm was ok. He said "in his opinion, 7mm does not cut it". When I went to my RE and asked her, she said "I dont know where he comes up with those numbers". My RE said that I had a triple lining and she felt my lining was fine.
Now I am back for another cycle, they put me on the Viagra and Terbutaline a week early to try and get my lining a jump start. When I went for my cycle day 9 check, it is again at 7mm.

I'm not sure who to believe--the founder or my RE.
My question for you is:
1.Is there a decrease in implantation rates at 7mm vs. 9mm?
2.Is the triple lining more important than the lining thickness?
3. While we are getting the US, are we being too aggressive if we ask to see the triple lining on the US screen?
4. Do you know anything about using Viagra and Terbutaline to increase the thickness of a linng?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 13

1. There are numerous studies reporte din the professional literature that the uterine lining neeeds to be GREATER than 7 mm thick\ at the time of ovulation or day of hCG for successful pregnancy.

2. The tripple lining is nice to see, but it is not the essential criterion. You do not want to see a bright endometrium, but the same echo density as the surrounding uterine wall is OK.

3. I alway show my patients what I am looking at when I do an ultrasound.

4.I know that Viagra has been used as you suggest, but there are no published data indicating it provides a benefit. I have seen nothing published about using terbutaline.

Good luck.



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