Is Bravelle and Repronex the same thing?
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msbub - April 16

Dr Jacobs, I just had my first IUI on Friday. I did Follistim cd4-9. My RE also told me to take the Follistim ) along with Repronex on cd9. The nurse gave me the vial for the Repronex at the office. When I got ready to take the shot that night the vial was not Repronex. The vial contained Bravelle. I called the nurses' hotline for my RE and she said that this was fine and to go ahead and use the Bravelle. I triggered (Ovidrel) on cd10 and had my IUI on cd 12. So now I am wondering if Bravelle and Repronex do the same thing? TIA.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 16

Repronex is a mixture of 2 pituitary hormones, FSH & LH. Bravelle is highly purified FSH . Aparently most programs are adding some LH, routinely. I feel I get better pregnancy rates using only FSH.
Good luck.


pandorasbox - April 28

i am confused...
dr. j i am on my third ivf cycle. the first one we were on 5 vials of bravelle and 1 of repronex with antagon staring on the sixth day. we had a whole cycle that time, but unsuccessful. the next cycle we were on 5 bravelle and 1 menopur with antagon starting on day seven. i ended up ovulating through the meds. we though that was it, i had a five day period. surprise!! guess what am got pregnant with out the ivf, (which was suppose to be impossiable) but by the time we found out about the pregnancy the numbers did double. we had a sono expecting that i was a month pregnant, but i was almost two. any way now i am on lupron flare?? i took my fisrt shot of lupron the day before i started the 5 bravelle and 1 menopur. i am day eight and the eggs are only a five and six's in measurement. my re says that i am on max doses, but i have seen others in this fourm that are on more then two kinds of meds. as well as my re says that the reason my eggs aren't growing is that they could be resistain to the drugs. now what?? is this it for me?? is there anything else we can do? (besides donnor eggs)


Barry Jacobbs, M. D. - April 28

Without evaluating you and reviewing your medical records, I cannot offer meaningful advice.
Good luck.



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