implatation failure
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Jeemy - November 10

I am new to this board but not new to IVF. I wanted to get some help after my second failed IVF.
I am 22 year old.
my husbands age= 32
My fsh = 10.4 and 8.6, lh, estrogen level, progestrone,prolactin are okay chromosome test normal
uterus is okay, checked by water sonogram. regular cycles.
Sperm morphology is all damaged, motility is very low(33% and 2%), count is 5/6 million. chromosome test normal
I had two ivf/cycles done. and 1 frozen embryo transfer.
1st ivf cycle = Bcp for 1 month,micro dose lupron, bravelle 300 units(stim for 10 days),hcg given on cd12, highest estrogen was 5778, 15 eggs retrieved, all ICSIed . 7 fertilized normally, 1 fertilized abnormally, 6 reached day 3
3 embryos were 8 cell, 3 were 6 cell and 1 was 7 cell.
. 2 embryos were grade 1,(grade 1 being the best), 3 embryos were grade 2(less than 20% fragmentation),
and 1 embryo was grade 3. ( my embryos had thick zona , lazer assited hatching was performed)
2 grade 1 embryos were transferred on day 3(endo lining was 10.6)=no pregnancy
3 reached blastocyst and were frozen
a few months later, natural cycle frozon embryo transfer ( 2 embryos) resulted in no pregnancy.
The doctor said it might have been something with the sperm that i didn't get pregnant.

2nd ivf cycle= bcp for 1 month,microdose lupron,gonalF 375 iu for 3 days,225iu gonal F for three days with 150,150 and 75 iu of menu respectively and 1 day of 225 menopur.( stim for 7 days),hcg was given on CD 8, highest estrogen was 5129, 19 eggs retrieved, 16 ICSIed. 9 fertlilized normally, 1 abnormally.
8 embryos reached day 3,
5 embryos were 8 cell
1 embryo was 9 cell
1 embryo was 7 cell
1 embryo was 4 cell
3(out of which 3 embryos were grade 1(being the best),4 embryos were grade2(less than 20% fragmentation) and 1 was grade 3.( My embryos had thick zona and lazer assited hatching was performed)
3 embryos(grade 1) were transferred on day 3( endo lining was 11.6) = no pregnancy
none of the surplus embryos reached blastocyst. (2 were early blastocyst but did not have all cell types and 2 were morula)
I am really confused and don't know what to do. Can you please give me a clue what I should do and what is the problem? I would really appreciate your input. There is so much information out there, I am really confused. please any input would really be appreciated


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 10

You really need to discuss your concerns with your Reproductive Endocrinologist and get advice from him/her. Your own physician knows you and the laboratory he/she uses far better than I do.
Good luck.


Jeemy - November 11

can you please give me some idea of what should be done to make ivf work and what might be causing the failures. Any input will be of value. Thankyou


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 11

There are too many variables. Many things are vert subtle, and we still do not have all the answers. Certainly, without observing all that took place with you, even speculation is hazardous.
Good luck.



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