implantation failure
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dees - September 14

Hi Doctor,

i recently had two healthy day 5 blastocysts transferred.
My pregnancy test has come back negative.
After my egg retrieval I was nauseous with abdominal pain for 3 days. Then, after my transfer, i had a case of thrush ( i suspect from the antibiotics i was given after egg retrieval ). Could these be reasons why I have not achieved pregnancy ? I have also since learnt that rose tea expells items form the uterus. I was not aware of this until after I had been drinking it for three days after
transfer. Am I jumping to unrealistic conclusions ? I am basically searching for an explanation .


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 15

I am not aware of any scientific evidence regarding the actions of rose tea. It is also duobtful that the other issues you described prevented your achieving a pregancy. Please understand that pregnancy rates with first IVF cycle vary with age. Even younger women will become pregnant only half to 1/3 the time with the initial IVF cycle.
Good luck.


dees - September 25

Hi Doctor,

Actually, it was my third ICSI attempt, but I got the best results from this long down regulation cycle. My previous cycles were a short cycle and antagonist- no embryos made it to blastocyst with these cycles. Apparently there was some implatation with my recent cycle because there was a small amount of pregnancy hormone.
My doctor is suggesting estrogen priming cycle for next attempt. Do you have any information on this type of cycle, or any suggestions to offer. I am wondering wether to try it, or do another long down regulation regulation cycle.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 25

Estrogen is necessary for induction of FSH receptors. There are protocols pre-treating with estrogen, used for poor responders. Sometimes it may provide some benefit. If you are not a poor responder, I doubt that such a protocol will provide a benefit for you.
Good luck.


dees - September 26

Hello again,

and thanks . I responded well to the long down regulation cycle. Do you think that with estrogen priming my cycle would be better, worse or the same as long down regulation. I do not want to waste a cycle.
thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 26

The only benefit I have seen claimed for estrogen priming is to improve response to stimulation.
Good luck.



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