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Tanya1231 - April 13

How long after embryo transfer does implantation take place?
How long after transfer can I take a home pregnancy test?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 14

Implantation takes place about 10 days after fertilization. Please wait unto at least 2 weeks after fertilization (egg retrieval) to do a pregnancy test.
Good luck.


Tanya1231 - April 15 long should I be on bedrest after transfer? I thought implantation occurred within a few days!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 15

There is no evidence that bed rest is necessary, at all. I have my patients at bed rest for 30 minutes after transfer. I am probably only treating myself. As far as how many days after transfer, that depends on the age of the embryos at time of transfer. If it is a day 3 transfer, implantation will be about a week later. If it as a day 5 transfer, implantation will probably be only a few days later.
Good luck.


liz0706 - May 27

hello...i had the ET day 3 may 16 im having mild cramps since then, also today i been having light brown spotting , i wonder if this is progesterone shots or implantatio????


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 27

Your spotting is probably not related to either one. I do not know th cause of your spotting, but implantation spotting is a myth and progesteron injections do not cause spotting. Also, it is not unusual to have benign spotting from a number of potentia causes..
Good luck.


liz0706 - May 28

thanks for answer me back dr can it be my period? by now im very confused i took two home pregnancy test and results were neg........ my first beta test to see if im pregnant is this friday......please help !!!! so what is causing the light brown spotting??? thanks again i really appreciate your help


liz0706 - May 28

so far what you know about my symptoms what do you think the probabilities are about being 30 years old i had ectopic pregnancy 3 yrs ago which one of the tube is damage , after that i got pregnant but was a chemical miscarriage......thanks again


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 28

I can provide no useful information. You will have to endure the wait until you can have a serum pregnancy test. You may have used the urine tests too early to detect the hirmone of pregnancy, hCG.
Good luck.


liz0706 - May 28

thanks again dr jacob...i guess i wait until friday, thanks for your help


shokr - August 17

Dr. Jacobs,

I just turned 36 one month ago and my husband is nearly 38. His semen analysis was normal motility and morphology with only slight decreased forward motility (slight enough that our RE didn't even address it as any impediment - we read it in our report).

We have recently been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. We had two unsuccessful IUI cycles before the diagnosis was confirmed by a low AMH level. After doing some research, we decided to pursue IVF, even if we had few follicles stimulated with ovarian stimulation protocols. This cycle, I had 3 follicles. We went ahead with IVF retrieval knowing that we may not retrieve even one egg. My RE thought the 3rd follicle might be a cyst.
The RE was able to retrieve one egg (the other follicle was either inacessible or in danger of injury to my iliac vessels so no egg was retrieved from that follicle). The one egg fertilized via ICSI and we instructed the embryologist to use his judgment regarding assisted hatching. Our transfer was done 2 days ago without assisted hatching. The single embryo was a 5 cell, grade 2 embryo transferred on day 3. I am receiving acupuncture, and did a treatment before and after the transfer.
What are our chances for success with a one embryo, day-3 transfer? We would appreciate your candor.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 18

the published data for implantation rate of embryos made from eggs of women 36 years old is 15.3%.
Good luck.


shokr - August 18

Thank you Dr,
Would my chances improve if I had more eggs transferred? I have not done the Micro flare protocol or taken Lupron or birth control pills yet in a given cycle and this is my first IVF cycle. My AMH level is .11.
Thanks for your advice.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 18

WE typicallt transfer 2 blastocysts (day 5 growing embryos). Since t5he implantation rate is 15.3% at your age, if you transfer 2 embryos, statistically, your chance doubles.
Good luck.


shokr - August 21

Dr. Jacobs,
I appreciate your honest assessment.Thanks a lot.


JamieP - August 21

Dr. Jacobs I see that you said 'Implantation takes place about 10 days after fertilization' but I would like to know what is the longest time period it can take for implantation to occur.




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