hormonal imbalance/depression
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Lila - July 28

I was curious if you had ever seen any research/information on a connection between depression and infertility? I have always had problem with my moods during my cycles: unreasonably irrational and constantly swinging from depressed to extremely frustrated to anger and back again during both pre- ovulation and pre- menstrual. This has been the case since as long as I can remember - long before starting infertility treatment, although the Clomide combined with the added stress have made these feelings more intense the last four months. I have never understood if this could be tied to some type of hormonal imbalance. It has always confused me since there are such different hormones surging/falling during ovulation and end of cycle. It has also confused me since it is usually 48-72 hours before not immediately before. If this could be hormonal imbalance would that have been seen on any of my B/W? In your opinion is this more of a mental problem than an infertility problem? The other reason this concerns me is that if the IVF proves successful and I am lucky enough to have a baby I really fear post partum depression. Since so many of my mood problems seem so closely tied to cycle dates is it possible to be pre-disposed to PPD? I have been very reticent of taking anti-depressants while we have been trying to conceive and was also wondering if there were other ways besides exercise that might be safe options during this time? I am working with a counselor on this as well but would appreciate any advice or insight you can offer.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 28

Progesterone, made after ovulation and before menses can cause depression and mood depression. The extent of the dysphoria varies from 1 woman to another. Infertility is stressful, and your apparent sensitivity to progesterone does not help. Rather than taking antidepressants, I suggest you and your husband go to couples counselling to help you deal with these very real issues. On the very first visit to my office, I give my new patients a list of names and contct information for counsellors in the Dalls area, who have experience working with infertile couples.
Good luck.


HelenaS - July 31

Dear Dr. Jacobs,

I have just finished my stimulation meds (Bravelle, Repronex, Lupron). I'm also taking Medrol and Lovenox. I'm having a very hard time controlling my emotions. Happiness or sadness one way or the other doesn't concern me, but today I just flew off the handle about a minor, yet irritating thing, and my response was so disproportionate to the event ( I purposely broke a dinner plate) that it left my DH alarmed me in tears wondering about the quality of my mental state. Can I attribute mood swings to the medication or the stress and anxiety I'm feeling about our impending IVF procedure or is this type of reaction way out of the range of normal?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 31

It is highly unlikely that your mood swings are from the medications you were prescibed. I think it more likely the stress of the process. If you were my patient, And I were aware of your problem, I would be pushing you to get some counselling for stress management.
Good luck.



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