Hope and wondering where to go?
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iluvbabies7 - June 17

I am new to this board, I have writtten a long story and deleted the whole thing several times. My story and problems seem to be small to what I have been reading.
My heart goes to everyone who uses this board, and I wish the best to everyone of you,and hope your dreams come true.
Since 12-05 I have been pregnant 2x the last time was a week ago. I have had a TR in '03,which I know worked or else I would not be here. Both ended in mc just a few days later. :'( I am 37 and my husband is 43.
The last one I carried for awhile longer than the first, and was going to give my husband the positive pregnancy test for farther's day, actually tommorrow 6-18. I am a emotional wreck, and I am scared to have sex due to what it might create and what it may not. My Dr. states that it (both mc's) were all God's plan. I am beating myself up over these mc's. I asked about blood work, and all he wants to do is see where they are. Nothing more. In '04 I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr and I am wondering now if my body is not attacking the pregnancies like disease's and killing them. I will not go back to the OBGYN due to a nurse who was so very rude when I called about the bleeding, and acted like it was no concern. My question to anyone should I go to a infertility Dr. or find a good OBGYN? What tests should I have done? ???


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 17

At the age of 37, your risk of miscarirage is somewhay greater than at 27. It will become progressively worse. I invite yo to see the information I have provided on our web site. <www.texasfertility.com>. The are a number of reasons for miscarriage, but you are not responsible for your losses. Do not punish yourself. Usually we do not do an evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss until after 3 miscarriages. The best one to see for such an evaluation is a Reproductive Endocrinologist - N0T an OB-GYN.
Good luck.


iluvbabies7 - June 18

Thank you! The information you gave me was alot more than the OBGYN gave me! I will keep in touch. God bless you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 18

Please remember, OB-GYN's are NOT trained to diagnose and treat problems associated with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.
Good luck.



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