Hi New here Gonal F cycle
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kelly01 - November 27

Hi My name is Kelly and I am 24 I have a wonderful child (Elizabeth) she is just 3. we have been TTC #2 for over 2 years now :( I have been married 5 years. I have PCOS.

So this is what happened today...

Ok well I had to have a blood test done yesterday to test my estradiol keep in mind on cd3 the number was 123. On cd7 it was 290, well I walk in to my drs at 8:00 am this morning (He came in just to give me an ultrasound) and when I walked in he says this "Hey Kel how are you? guess what your Estradiol level is ? 1000!!!!!!!!!" No wonder I have been cramping like crazy!!!! "I ask is this good or bad" he said "I dont know yet" He did the U/S and whilst he was doing it he said "oh wow" I said "whats wrong" he says "you have 2 VERY good sized folicles on your left side" The other day cd7 there was only 1!! I nearly cried!! he said that there are a few on my right but they are all too small. So I go tommorow at 8 in the morning for my HCG shot (trigger shot) and then Tuesday is my IUI I really think that this is the month..I have a good feeling about this month!!! Please send me some baby dust this way!!!

Thanks for reading girls.

What do you all think???? Do you think this sounds like the month?? Where on earth was that other follie the other day!! And what about my levels?? Too high?


kelly01 - November 28

Any answers??


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 29

Without adequate information to make any judgement, it sounds as though you have had an excessively rapid rise of you estradiol, and may have a large number of follicles. There is a significant risk of a hyperstimulation syndrome if you have too many follicles and a very high estradiol, when you get your hCG.
Good luck.


kelly01 - November 29

I got my HCG today and I have stopped cramping...I was crampin very bad last night (before the hcg) They did not do an estridiol level check again and I am now concerned I am having my IUI tommorow....What would be your advice? on my ultrasound the dr said that I had 2 Follies? and 3 on my right side that was small. Do I have a good chance that I could get pg this month?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 29

Without evaluating you and your medical records, I cannot provide meaningful medical advise.
Good luck.



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