HELP - trying to understand immunology results
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Michelle - January 28

Hi Dr,
I am hoping you can help me interpret my immunolgy results. Because I am having my fertility treatment abroad it is even more difficult to discuss these in detail with the doctor so any guidance would be much appreciated.
I am POF and have had 2 ED IVF cycles last year, my first cycle resulted in a BFN, I then had the immune tests done and the doctor added predesoline to my protocol and the second cycle resulted in a biochem pregnancy. I am currently planning my 3rd cycle and am wondering if I should be pushing for IVIG or anything else.
The results of my immune tests were as follows:

50:1 is 12.1
25:1 is 9.0
12.5:1 is 6.3
IgG conc 12.5 50:1 is 28.8
IgG conc 12.5 25:1 is 23.8
IgG conc 6.25 50:1 is 25.4
IgG 6.25 25:1 is 21.2
CD3% is 78.2
CD19% is 15.7
CD56% is 3.8
CD19+, CD5+ cells is 21.2

From reading various boards, I take it that my 50:1 is borderline, but because my 25:1 is more than 50% of the 50:1 this could be an issue?
I also take it that IVIG might not be helpful for me because my IgG conc 12.5 50:1 is higher than the 50:1 value?
Have I got this right? Any ideas what that means? I'm worried as it seems I need IVIG but it won't have any effect.
Also, are any of my other results cause for concern/ celeberation?

Any help much appreciated, this is very difficult to get my head around!



Barrry Jacobs, M. D. - January 28

I do not know which antibodies were tested, so I cannot comment as to meaning of titers of the antibodies. There are only a few antibodies which are meaningful in recurrent pregnancy loss. Since you do not meet criteria for recurrent pregnancy loss, I do not know why the tests were performed. They have not been demonstrated to be useful in IVF. Also, please note that slightly over a third of the eggs, even a young woman makes are capable of a successful pregnancy.
Good luck.



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