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SAKL - September 21

Im 26 years old and my hubby has a low sperm count. We have just done our first go of IVF with ICSI, my eggs were transferred back on the 3 September.

I was told my due date for the HCG test was the 16th September which was a Sunday. I went for my test on the Sat (15th) and my results was 23.4 IU/L, it was confirmed I was pregnant but the results was very low and that I should be tested again to see if it was doubling up at the correct level.
I tested again on the Monday (17th) with a level of 27 IU/L which of course was not as it should (doubling) be but my doctor explained that the pregnancy had not worked out this time however he wanted to me to get tested on the Thursday (20th) if my period had not arrived.

I was tested again on the Thursday and my results were 85.9 IU/L The doctor has not explained what has happened but i have been told that my results are still very low for this day and that the embryo would not have stop growing & then started again. I have been asked again to be tested on Monday (24th).

Please also note all test were done at the same Laboratory although Saturday test was done by one lady and Monday and Thursday test was done by a different lady.

I was ok when I found out the situation Monday (was looking forward to trying again) but know I have no idea what to be thinking.
Please can you try and explain to me ????? and does this situation happen often?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 21

When more than 2 embryos enter the uterine cavity, it is possble for more than 1 to implant and start to grow. If one drops out, and the other continues, it is possible to see the hCG levels you described. We do not know, yet, in your case.
Good luck.


SAKL - September 21

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I understand what you are saying but should i not be concerned that my level appears this low - considering it has been 18 days since my eggs were transfered (eggs were removed on the 31st Aug). Even though now it appears that my level is doubling.

You really do give so many women peace of mind - Thank so much again.


Doris557 - September 24

I am about 4 weeks since LMP and I have a confirmed pregnancy. My HCG levels were 13.8 at 17 days dpo and then 48 at 20 days dpo. These are very low. I need to repaeat in four days. Is this a miscarriage waiting to happen? I have had two already and have a four month old daughter


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 25

The data I have to provdie prognostic information is a doubleing of the hCG level in 48 hours. It is a bit difficult to predict based on 72 hours. If the level at least doubles in 48 hours, it is reassuring, but not a guarantee. If, in a spontaneously achieved pregnancy, it does not double in 48 hours, it is not an encouraging sign.
Good luck.


SAKL - October 1

To Dr

Can you please help??????????
I wrote to you above.

13 days since egg transfer Hcg 23.4
15 days since egg transfer Hcg 27
18 days since egg transfer hcg 85.3
22 days since egg transfer hcg 389
25 days since egg transfer hcg 1049

Since day 15 you can see my Hcg levels have been doubling every two days although my levels are very for this time.

Please explain on day 25 i went to see my doctor who gave me a scan and he said the pregnancy would not develop, however he told me to be on the safe side get tested for hcg levels. He said it was very unlikley the HCG levels would have incresed at all- However my test had incresed to what it should have. Can you tell me is this a miscarrage waiting to happen ??????? is there any other explaination for hcg levels to be growning as they should but the scan show the pregnancy as stopping/slowing down ????????


B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 1

I cannot comment on what your physician told you. You really cannot see a gestational sac until 5 to 5 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, or a fetal heart beat until after 5 1/2 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy is dated from first day of last menstrual flow. If your embryo transfer was day 5 after egg retrieval, add 2 weeks and 5 days to the time after transfer to determine how many weeks you are pregnant.
Good luck.



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