hCG "boosters" to produce more progesterone
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art - October 30

My wife had an IVF recently. our RE gave her 3 shots
of HCG(5000IU) which would cause the Corpus Luteum to produce more progesterone.

On the 7dpo HCG (quantitaive) was 450.
on 14dpo HCG(quantitaive) was 392 and her home prganancy test comes out positive.Is that false positive?Is she pregnant? pl.advice.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - October 30

The home pregnancy test detects hCG, the pregnancy hormone. I do not give my patients hCG to increase progesterone secretion. I give progesterone and estrogen. My protocol is the one almost everyone I know uses, and it does not interfere with obtaining a valid pregnancy test.
Good luck.


art - October 30

Jacobs, let me explain the situation in detail.

My wife had IVF 15 days ago. Post embryo transfer she has been administerdat HCG externally @ 5000IU on alterante days along with some vaginal progestrone.

on 7dpo hcg level was 450(quantitative lab blood test)
on 14dpo hcg level was 392(quantitative lab blood test)
Also, on 14dpo the home prgnancy test came out positive positive.My question is, is this hcg level shown
by the blood test only due to the hcg generated by placenta? If not , typically what would be the % contributed by the xtrenally administred medications?
Based on the above data, can we conclude that she is pregnant?


BArry JUacobs, M. D. - October 30

No, cannot. You may only be measuring the hCG you are administering. The numbers do not represent useable data.
Good luck.


art - October 31

Thanks Dr. Jacobs,

so, how would one do a preganancy test in this situation? pl. advice.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - October 31

There is no other test for an early pregnancy than to detect hCG in either the urine or the blood. If you are using hCG, you have "poisoned the well". You will either wait for a few weeks after the last injection , to be sure you are not finding what you have injected, or at about 6 weeks from last flow, do an ultrasound to look for a gestational sac and fetus with beating heart.
Good luck.


art - October 31

Thanks for response.

on 10/28/05 my wife was administered the last 5000 IU of Chorionic gonadotropin. on 10/28/05 here quantitaive blood test read hcg at 392.

After that she is being adminstered Pregnyl, so, seven days from 10/28/05, which is 11/05/05,if her urine reads some hcg then it is safe to say that she is pregnant. Alternatively, now that administering the Chorionic gonadotropin has been stopped,is it safe to say that any raise in hcg levels could be b'coz of hcg being generated from placenta. or does pregnyl also cotributes to hcg?

Apologise for shooting so many questions back...but we are totally confused b'coz our RE says that this is the protocol she uses and her experience says that the levels seen in my wife's quantiative test(as above..) is infact a positive sign for twins or even triplets?

what's ur take on this?


Barry Jacobs, M> D. - October 31

I am not sure I know the brand name Pregnyl. If it is not one of the hCG products, it will not effect a pregnancy test. Since there is such a broad range of normal for an hCG level in early pregnancy, I cannot tell if there is a twin gestation, until we do an ultrasound.
Good luck.


art - October 31

Dr. Jacobs,
Pregnyl, is also hcg. So, what's your opinion about the protocol followed by our RE? do you see any reasoning
behind using HCG post embyro transfer?thanks.


art - October 31

Dr. Jacobs,
Pregnyl, is also a urinary derived hCG. It appears that the our RE is using the hCG to support the luteal phase(second half) of a stimulation cycle because sequential low dose hCG injections will generally stimulate the body to increase its output of progesterone once ovulation has occurred.

what's your opinion about the protocol followed by our RE? Is using HCG post embyro transfer a standard practice? Have you seen any RE follow this? It would be great if you could direct me to any data regarding this.

where can I find hCG test data(either in blood or urine) in this particular type of protocol followed by our RE.



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 1

AS related earlier, I do ot se the protocol you describe. It does cause the corpus luteum to secrete progesterone, but it interferes with the ability of obtaining a reliable pregnancy test. The published data are very old, by now, and I cannot give you a specific reference. If you have access to back issues of Fertility and Sterility, you may find it there.
Good luck.


Christie - November 1

from what I have experienced, you must have a blood test, but that would mean pregnant on a blood test result...maybe more than one if it is that high. But I am definately no expert.



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