HCG levels
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shansy - August 21


Today I received the call confirming a BFP, however there is a big BUT...my level is at 57 and they said they wanted it to be at 100 or higher. I am to go back on Friday and retest, by then they want it in the 200's...

I have heard different centers wanting different hcg levels. What level do you look for when doing the first BETA test? By the way, we did a Day 3 transfer of four 8-celled embies. This was my first IVF. Today is 12dp3dt.

Thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 21

There is a very broad range of normal hCG concentration in early pregnancy. A single determination does not tell you much. The important thing is doubling in 48 hours.
Good luck.


shansy - August 25

Hi Dr. Jacobs,

Thank you for your earlier response. I received my 2nd BETA today and it came in at 260, today is (16dp3dt) compared to Monday's 57 (12dp3dt) as I posted earlier.
I was obviously very happy with this as it more than doubled every 48 hrs. (just a bit), however the nurse still stated that I am not out of the woods yet since my initial beta came in at 57. She stated that it may have implanted in the wrong place or it just may not be a good pregnancy.

I was under the impression that as long as it is doubling every 48-72 hrs. that there is not much to worry about (for the meantime). Do you agree? or do you think there is still great concern for me?

I guess I just would like to be able to celebrate in this moment without feeling apprehensive. :-\


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 25

The fact that it more than doubled in 48 hours is very encouraging. I am not concerned about absolute value. There are still hurdles to cross, but you seem to have cleared most of them.


shansy - September 3

Dear Dr. Jacobs,

Thank you for your earlier responses...since then my hCG level went from 260 to 1,063 four days later to then 3,636 another four days later (yesterday we got that result). I know this is great that it is doubling as it should, but would you be concerned that the overall level seems to be low considering that today I am 6 weeks?

I go in for my first u/s on Wed. a.m.- in your opinion, what should we be able to see at that point? Should we be concerned if we do not see a heartbeat?

Thank you for your help!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 3

At 6 weeks pregnancy, we should be able to see a fetal heart. It will be very small, and it may be necessary to repeat the evaluation in a week.


shansy - September 6

Hi Dr. Jacobs,

Today was our first ultrasound and we saw one gestational sac and a heartbeat! However, the RE said the heartbeat is a little bit slower than what he wanted it to be at. Also, I am technically 6w3d, but am measuring around 5 weeks. Do you think it is possible that since I am measuring less than what I technically am that that could be the reason for the slower heartbeat? In your opinion, what are the odds that the heartbeat will stop within the next two weeks? I feel that the baby implanted late as my numbers started out a bit low in the beginning as well.

I am to go back then for another u/s and if the heartbeat is still going then I will be released to my OB/GYN. My RE just mentioned that in some cases the heartbeat can stop between now and then and it scared me to death. The worrying never ends, does it?

Thank you,


B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 6

The follow up ultrasound is a good recommendation. If there is not a fetal heart &/or there is not adequate interval growth you know it is not a good pregnancy. On the other hand, If you have a good fetal heart rate and adequate interval growth, you probably have a good pregnancy.
Good luck.



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