Gestational Sac low in Uterus
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wannababy78 - February 16

Hello Dr.Jacobs, After 1 fresh IVF and 2 failed FET(1 chemical/miscarriage-failed second beta) I got pregnant with my 3rd FET. My numbers on 10dp6dt is 250. 4 days later it was 1832. I was scheduled for a u/s today. In the mean time I started spotting on last thursday. Since I'm using crinone, the nurse told me cervix could have been irritated and asked me to take bed rest. So I was on bed rest for next 4 days. Over the weekend I started cramping and started bleeding and passing clots. I had my scan today and doc found a sac measuring 10mm and he thinks he saw a glimpse of yolk sac(which he couldn't see later). Anyway my sac is very low on uterus and close to cervix. He think my uterus would push it out today and I might pass the sac. He said there may be slight chance that this pregnancy could continue... I'm on bed rest right now, he said if the cramping subside, there may be a chance. Have you seen anything like this? Is there any hope? I'm on progestrone lozenges 3x a day with crinone 2x a day and estardiol 2x a day. I would appreciate your answer.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 16

Thre is a significant miscarriage rate, even without IVF. I od not know your age, but the older you are, the greater the risk. It is possible you may lose the pregnancy. If you do not, there is a risk that the placeta may lie over the cervical canal, That would oblgate you to a Caesarian section. This condition, placenta praevia, is quite dangerous, and requires careful monitoring douring pregancy.
Good luck.


wannababy78 - February 17

Thanks Dr.Jacobs. I'm 31 years old. This afternoon, I passed a huge clot with clump that about a size of dime in white(may be off-white) in color. I gathered it and put it on the container provided by my RE. I'm not sure whether it was gestational sac or something else. How does gestational sac look like? I'm not cramping anymore(after started using Prog.Lozenges). I'm going for HCG test tomorrow morning to see if it has gone down. This is definetely taking a toll on me...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 17

Products of concepti0on are typically tan and black. If the gestational sac is in tact, it would be a small sac filled with clear fluid.


wannababy78 - February 18

Thanks Dr.Jacobs. My HCG level drop to 1900.So I'm miscarrying.Going for u/s to find out if I passed the sac or not...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 18

I'm sorry!



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