FSH vs FSH + LH Confusion & Other
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anjabelle - November 28

Hi - I'm new to this board and fairly new to the world of infertility drugs, etc. so forgive me if some of my questions are naive or posted in the wrong place!

I miscarried after 6 weeks in late May '06 and given my age (39), my husband and I decided to see a fertility specialist. We did not go through any extensive fertility testing (that I'm aware of as husband's sperm quality/count appeared to be good) and opted to go straight to IUI treatment based on first and only discussion with fertility specialist. I started my first round of Gonal-F back in August '06 at 150 for 1 day and then 75 for 3 days. I had 3 follicles and we had two sucessive insemminations. There was some difficulty with the insemmination due to getting the catheter into the cervix, but ultimately IUI in the first round was not successful and in fact, I had to sit out the next 3 months due to over-stimulation.

I just started my second round (on Friday) at the same levels, but have been doing some research that has me a little confused.

1) it appears there are multiple means for ovulation induction so my question is what decides whether or not you are given just an FSH drug vs and FSH + LH drug or an FSH vs HCG drug?

2) wouldn't the choice of fertility drugs be the deciding factor for which fertility drug to be utilizing (with the understanding of course, that changes might need to be made if one does not seem to be responding to a particular drug)?

3) I never seem to get the results from the bloodwork that is done (or perhaps better stated -- I haven't been able to ask for results as they are typically messages on my cell phone), so should I be asking and keeping a record of this baseline information?

Appreciate any feedback/input that is available.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 28

Most progras use a combination of both LH and FSH when stimulating ovaries. In our hands, we get better pregnancy rates, and for IVF, better quality eggs and embryos, if we use straight FSH. I always tell my patients what their estrdiol levels are.
Good luck.



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