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lbc220 - May 16

I would love your opinion on my levels. About a year and half ago I had some unusual cycles and my gyno tested my FSH (no E-2 level done) and it came back as 23 on day 3 of the following cycle (I was 37 at the time). She said something might have been wrong and suggested we retest two cycles later on day 3. We did and got an FSH of 3.9. I thought everything was fine until I went to an RE (decided to have a baby on my own b/c of age) and he said that the 23 was of concern. He then did all of the day 3 tests and my FSH was 5.4 - this was Sept. of '06.

However I have since completed 3 IUI cycles and I am afraid I will recieve my third BFN tomorrow. First cycle - 150 Follistim (2 follies at 19 and 22) Second cyle - Lupron 2 x's pd at 10, 225 follistim (started with 4 follies ended up with 2 mature in the end 21 and 19 I believe) Third cycle ( lupron same as above, 150 menopur in the morning and 225 of Bravelle at night) Best cycle yet (6 follies total at time of trigger 21, 20, two 16's, 11, and a 12)

Due to my age (turning 40 in Feb) my RE wants to go on BCP and then start a IVF cycle. protocol is lupron, 150 menopur and 300 Follistim.

Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated I am getting really nervous.




B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 16

Age is an issue. Even though you are young, your eggs and ovaries are not. Yu have been losing eggs daily all your life. As eggs get older, there is an increasing probability that they will have the wrong number of chromosomes. Please be aware your chances for pregnancy are significantly less than they were 10 years ago, and your risk of miscarriage is higher, as well as your risk of haveing a child with the wrong number of chromosomes. That does not mean you should not try, but please be aware of the risks.
Good luck.


lbc220 - May 16

Thank you for your response. However, I was wondering if you have ever seen a drop change in FSH like that from 23 and then two months later 3.9 and then six months later to 5.4.

Is it me or does something seem wrong - my gyno originally said to me - don't worry you are fine.

I am just looking for some insight.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 17

There are chemical messengers made by cells in the ovary, which suppress FSH secretion. These calls make up the follicles which contain eggs. As you run out of eggs and follicles, your FSH level will rise. You may have had blood drawn at a time when you were low on follicles, but most of the ones you had were not functioning. If some started functioning again, your FSH could temporaraly fall.


lbc220 - May 17

Thank you. I realize I am probably beating a dead horse here, but what about the fact that I had two low numbers 3.9 and then 5.4 several months later. Doesn't it seem as if the 23 was the mistake?

The funny thing is my Gynocologist was not at all concerned and she is very well respected in this area and my RE (when I told him) - well he went straight to an Egg Donor conversation.

This third try of IUI was unsuccessful and I am going to IVF - if I do not produce a lot of eggs does that mean that they are most likely all not healthy eggs as well.

Thank you - I promise to stop bugging you after this one.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 17

You have had resumption of some follicular activity - for a while. You may run out of follicles in the near future. It is not that labs are infallible, but it is very unusual to make that knid of error. I cannot address your OB's apparent lack of concern about an FSH level in the peri-menopausla range. Further, I do understand why your RE spoke to you about donor egg.
Good luck.



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