Follistim: What This Fertility Drug Can Do To Maximize Your
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ivfprescriptions - April 18

In the normal female cycle, ovarian follicles are the star of the show. Each follicle, when normal, produces an immature egg. These are stimulated to release a mature egg each month. Women are born with all of the eggs that they are ever going to have in their lifetime, and once they are gone, there are no more. However, many women, for many reasons, have this cycle interrupted, even though there are plenty of immature eggs waiting to grow, they simply aren’t stimulated to produce a mature egg. Without a mature egg, there can be no fertilization. Enter the drug, Follistim.

What Does Follistim Do?
Follistim comes in a 300mg, 600mg, and 900mg dosage, and is generally administered with a small pin type injector. The fertility drug is often given in combination with other fertility drugs in a type of “cocktail” designed to jump start a woman’s reproductive cycle and gear it up to produce and release a viable egg. Interestingly enough, this drug is prescribed for both men and women. In men who are experiencing infertility, this drug stimulates the production of sperm, while in women it stimulates the production of eggs.

Once a woman begins taking the medication, she will be monitored every few days by her physician to see if the follicles are responding, how many are carrying a viable egg, and which ones may be releasing an egg in the near future. This drug has one of the highest success rates when combined with other fertility drugs.

The Down and Dirty about Follistim
Follistim was first introduced in Europe in the mid-1990s, so it has been around for awhile. The US, ever cautious, only approved the injectable version in 2004. Originally, a single injectable cartridge would run a small fortune, but since the patent ran out in 2015, this drug has become more affordable. And, of course, the prevalence of reputable online pharmacies has made it possible for many women, who otherwise could never have afforded this very useful drug, to not only purchase the fertility drug, but to also eventually go on to become pregnant.

Real Life Experiences with the Follistim Infertility Drug


Patient 1: A woman used a generic version of Follistim and did not have many eggs to develop. After switching to a name brand version of Follistim, she wonders why she didn’t do it sooner. She’s produced 13 follicles and all of them are starting to develop eggs.

Patient 2: This patient declares that her new family is a miracle of modern medicine and that through the very long process that eventually led to her pregnancy (not once, but twice!) she says that it was worth it. The mixture that worked for her was to combine Follistim with Menopur, with a doctor’s care.

Patient 3: Another patient took Follistim and said that the side effects were minimal, with the worst being slight abdominal tenderness at the injection site. Others responding to her post also stated that sometimes they had sinus congestion, but that all side effects were minimal and easy to manage.

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