First IVF failed
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wannababy78 - February 7

Dr. Jacobs, Beta from My first IVF came back as negative yesterday. We have been trying for 4 years. Cause is Unexplained. This was my protocol.

Had follitism (175units - 100 Units) for 9 days
Lose dose HCG
Baby Aspirin

ER - retrived 24 follicles,17 matured and 15 fertilized thru ICSI(DH's Morphology is on low side on KSM test)

ET - 11 made to blasts, transferred 2 blasts.
Was on PIO shots 1cc everyday, estrace 2 times(Vaginally),baby aspirin and took medrol for 6 days from ER to ET
Results - BFN

My RE said may be the embroys died probably on 8-10 days. He is suggetting to go for ET. We have a follow up appointment on Monday. I was so hopeful that this would work out. I'm so bummed it didn't. What could be other reasons for this to fail? What are my chances with ET? What other test may I ask the RE to do? Should I demand for Natural Killer Cells test? Is it possible to test whether the embroys are normal after it made to blasts? I would appreciate your answers. Thanks!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 7

There is no corroborsation of the asertion that natural killer cell sin the blood are related to failed IVF or to miscarriage. They are 2 different populations. I do not test for natural killer cells. A greater probability that you di d not become pregnant is an egg problem. Only about 30 % the eggs a woman makes are capable of successful pregnancy. We cannot tell by looking at a blastocyst if it is a good one or not. Usually we can detect most of the not good ones.
Good luck.


wannababy78 - February 7

Thanks Dr.Jacobs. It is so frustrating not able to find a reason for the failure. So you think the quality of egg may be bad? Is there anyway to find out whether that is the problem?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 8

There is really no practical way to do so. There is a large program offering a process referred to as CGH. A cell from each embryo is tested to see if the cell is normal. It would be a great idea, except all embryos have at least 1 bad cell. You will end up destroying a number of normal embryos that way.
Good luck.



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