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Tanya1231 - June 24

We are planning on a donor frozen embryo transfer in August.
The donors completed their 1st IVF cycle in 2004, they transferred two embryos that resulted in twin girls. They are giving us six 5-day blasts. We REALLY want to get pregnant from this cycle and have some questions. Should we thaw three? What if only one makes the thaw? I do not really want to thaw all of them if we have to discard any that are not transferred. We would like to transfer two-or at the most, 3. How long does it take to thaw? This is a big decision for us. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and to help.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 24

We thaw 2 blastocysts and have about a 90% survival rate. It take a couple of hours to thaw blastocysts. They have to be rehydrated in the process. Also, we rarely trasfer a third blastocyst. By transferring 2, we get our best pregnancy rates without increasing the risk of multiple pregnancy.
Good luck.


Marina - June 25

Tanya,they also can always thaw more on the same day if first two didn't survive.Your implantation window more flexible then with the fresh cycle,so iven if the second couple ddon'tmake it,they still have time for the rest of them.
Good luck to you,I'm glad you found them so fast!


Tanya1231 - June 25


I do not know how many to transfer.

My last cycle we had two "good" embryos, we did assisted hatching on day 3 and we ended up with a chemical. We want this to work so badly but I cannot decide on 2 or 3, what would you do?


Marina - June 26

Tanya,it's so hard to decide,I did just one on my first IVF-and I got PG,but lost it at 16 weeks.Now I wish we put two,but back then I was very afraid of twins.With FET I was going to put 2.It's less likely that all 3 will implant with FET,but you'll have a better chance.So,If it was me,I'd do just 2,but if you are not afraid of twins-do 3.But I didn't even see a statistic for FET that somebody got PG with triplets.



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