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jocelyne - November 3

My husband and I had success on our first IVF in June 2003. We have healthy boy as a result. I fell in love with an only child and have had a blast with him for the past 3.5 years. It is only now that I am beginning to get that urge for another.

We headed back to the RE for a consult in September. And are trying to decide what to do at this point. If we transfer it will be in January. But I will need an HSS and a mock cycle before. So we need to decide now before investing the money in that. We are paying out of pocket.

We have 9 frozen embryos. All frozen at 3-day. All but one is grade A.

On our initial IVF we put back 3 grade A embryos on day 3 and I conceived a single. (Our infertility is male factor).

The RE recommended based on our previous cycle that we put in FOUR frozens this time. We vetod this quickly as we do not want to risk multiples this time around. And four just sounded scary. We left with these options to ponder, but I am not in love with them:

a) Thaw and put back three day 3 embryos. Scares me a bit because three is still a lot. But not as much as four. And last time we did get only one. But still, mulitples scare me.

b) Thaw all and grow to blast. Put back TWO. Refreeze the rest that made it to blast. The thought of putting back only two is appealing. But the thought of basically putting all my eggs in one basket by thawing all nine at once is a little much. If none make it to blast we have nothing left. We will not do a fresh cycle again. This will be it.

c) Do nothing and live a happy life with the one miracle we have. We are fully prepared for this not to work at all. We are happy as a family of three.

If money weren't a factor I would just thaw & transfer one at a time. But it is. We really can only afford to do an FET twice.

Thoughts welcome. This time around is so much harder to make a decision on. The first time I just wanted a baby. One. Two. Three. Whatever. Just get me pregnant. This time I honestly only want ONE more.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 3

We typically transfer 2 blastocysts, fresh or frozen. Whether or not to transfer any is purey your choice.
Good luck.



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