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Aimee37 - February 7

I have a couple questions for you..

What is your clinic's FET success rate?

I have 7 frozen blasts embryos. I have 2 (6 day embryos) in a straw and the other 5 are 7 day old blasts in 4 different straws. I am assuming the 6 day embryos are better quality than the 7 day olds because they grew faster? Have you known women to get pregnant from 7 day frozen blasts.

I am having an FET in July after a successful pregnancy. I have a daughter that is almost 9 months old.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 7

We hve never transferred day 7 embryos. Our overall pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is about 50%. That includes both fresh and frozen. Our pregnancy rate with frozen embryos from our lab is almost the same as the fresh ones.
Good luck.


Marina - June 13

I was suposed to have FET this morning,but lab called and told us none of our 6 embryos survived(they appeared dead after thawing)
Here is a short history.I had IVF in November,I was a very good responder,my cycle went like a text book,they retrieved 14 eggs,11 fertilized,7 made it to the blast stage,1 excellent quality embryo was transfered with following pregnancy until 16 weeks(on ultrasound at 16 weeks there were no heartbeat,baby died around 15-16 weeks)They did all possible genetic and chromosome testing-did not find anything wrong with the baby or me.
We had 6 very good grade A frozen in 3 different straws-1-2-3.
My doctor had no explanation to us other then it's a bad luck.
I guess my question is-why none of the 6 very good quality emryos did not make it?Could it be the lab's mistake while freezing them?Could it be a sperm issues(considering the fact that my baby died at 16 weeks)?My husband had a very low sperm count,we did ISCI.

Thanks in advance for your input.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 14

I am sorry to hear of the collection of losses you have experienced. I do not know why none of your embryos survived the freeze/thaw process. We have about a 90% survival rate. I doubt that we can automatically assign a reason, either to sperm or lab. Ihope you have better luck next time.


Marina - June 22

I have another quiestion for you.I'm starting IVF #2 in July and my doctor wants me to use exactly the same protocol with the same drugs we used last time,because I was a very good responder with a good quality embryos "as good as it gets"-his words(4 grade A blasts ,2 grade B and one morula).
I don't mind using the same meds(I had no side effects or any other problem),but considering the end result-my baby died at 16 weeks and none of my other embryos survived freezing/thawing process and they don't know why neither of this happen,do you have any ideas what can be changed in my protocol?
We used Lupron/Follistim225 dayly/Menopure 75IU.
I remember somewhere you mention that you get better quality eggs if you use other than Menopure(to stimulate only FSH)
Thanks for your time.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 22

I do not use Menopur, or any othe LH containing product. It seems as though I am in the minority. If the protocol you used before produced good eggs and embryos, I see no reason to change. Your loss was probably not related to the protocol. Only about 30% to 35% of an eggs a woman makes are capable of a successful pregnancy.
Good luck.



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