Fertility and Implantation Symptoms Resembling Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst Pain
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Relly - September 9

I have been ttc for several months. I have conceived 2 times in my life, once at age 19 and once at 35. Both were terminated. I am now 42. 3 Months ago I had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts after a trip to the Emergency Room. The follow-up with the gynecologist indicated that I also have Uterine Fibroids (have known this for years) which are small enough that don't require surgical intervention. The doctor also performed my FSH blood work and my score was excellent for my age - 8.5. She felt that my Ovarian Cysts did not warrant any intervention and does not believe they are interfering with my fertility.
That said, I am very in-tune with my body. I have been using the OPK, Charting CM but haven't yet charted my BBTs. I also experience Ovulation Pain on O, so I really know my cycle,well. We have been having Intercourse at the precise fertile time. In the DPOs for the past 3 months, I experience cramping, twinges, elevated temps (I just started to chart that after the last OPK +) Only recently (these last 3 months) have I had any of the cramping 2 weeks before my period. I was so certain that I had conceived this time and was also experiencing sore breasts, drooling during sleep, and cravings for Citrus Fruits (couldn't get enough OJ and Pineapple Juice.)
I typically have a brown discharge 2 days before CD1 and then I bleed on CD2 VERY HEAVILY and Clot as well. (This is due to the fibroids and at times I was on The Pill in those years to control the bleeding.) This time around, the brown discharge began on 8DPO and continued until I got my period today. (5 days) and I was really hoping this was implantation bleeding. My Luteal Phase is 13 days and my cycles are 26 day avg.
Why would I experience these cramps and twinges for the time past ovulation if they are relevant to Fibroids and cysts, etc? Shouldn't the pain occur prior to and at O?
Can I possibly be not having implantation but conception and fertility are succeeded? Would this have caused elevated temps of 98.8 for the week follow O?



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