Failed 3rd IVF- FET
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mrgn - October 22

Hi Dr Jacobs,

I had FET on 10/15 with 2- 8 cells (egg donor).... Just received the word from the dr office and it's BFN. Here is a quick recap: Pregnant in 2005 with my own eggs via IVF but the twins' heartbeat stopped at 12 weeks. Then tried again in 2007 with frozen donor eggs which resulted in BFN. Now I am bit leery of what I should do next. My insurance will only cover up to 4 IVFs so it will be my last one.

Before I make an appt for consultation, is there anything I should request for more testing such as Immune, etc. ? Is there a specific test that can detect why my uterus rejected the embroys?

I appreciate your feedback...



B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 22

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things we still do not know. There is probably a reason that you had a transfer of day 3, 8 cell embryos, but we usually transfer blastocysts on day 5 to 6. Not all programs have that capability.
Good luck.


mrgn - October 24

Thanks for your reply. I failed to mention one more thing. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroid for the last 2 years and was on the Levoxyl from .25 to .50. Since I switched to a new doctor, he took me off the pill and my TSH was 3. I went ahead and did the 3rd IVF. On the day of Beta Day, I requested at the last minute to have TSH drawn because I was concerned about my thyroid. The result for HCG was Negative and TSH was 5. He asked me to go back on the medication at .25. Now here are my questions:

1) What is the normal value for TSH that you would like to see in a patient who is trying to conceive?

2) Would you recommend a patient to stay on RX while going through IVF?

3) Can Hypothryoid have an affect on implantation?

I appreciate to hear your inputs.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 26

Hypothyroidism impairs the physiology of every cell in the body. I treating hypothyroisd ism, the goal is to keep the thyroid hormone level in a normal range while suppressing TSH to the lowest level detectable by the assay.
Good luck.



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