Estrogen levels and FET
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Carroll 3509 - May 25

I am 32 years old and have had 2 failed IUIs and one failed IVF. My DH has below normal sperm motility; however, we were told that it wasn't that bad.
In IVF procedure 16 eggs were retrieved, 13 mature, nine fertilzed, 5 eggs with ICSI and the other four naturally fertilized. Had two embryos transferred on Day 3 and two embryos made it to be frozen on Day 5. First IVF failed and afterwards I was told that my eggs weren't the best quality, but still possible for me to get pregnant. I was scheduled for a FET on June 1. I have been applying estrogen patches in preparation for FET, and was supposed to start Progesterone injections tomorrow. I went in today for labs and ultrasound and was informed that my estrogen is not high enough (80) and my endometrium is not thick enough (6.4) for FET transfer. They have decided to wait another 5 days and run the tests again in hopes that my numbers will come up before the FET, which will be delayed. Several questions:

What is causing my low estrogen levels and thin endometrium?

What can be done to improve the estrogen, other than continuing with patches?

Is low estrogen at this stage indicative of poor egg quality?

What are my chances of successful FET implantation with slow reponse to hormones this cycle?

Do you recommend assisted hatching prior to FET?

Thanks in advance for your honest answer.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 25

I do not have a way of knowing why your estrogen levels are not higher. Possibly you need a higher dose. The endometrium is thin because your estrogen level is not very high. Your estrogen level now has nothing to do with previous or future eggs. In fact, we find that egg quality in an IVF stimulation is less good if estrogen levels rise too high, too fast. I do not know the laboratory you are using. We do almost exclusively blastocyst transfers.
Good luck.


Carroll 3509 - May 26

Do the estrogen patches shut down my own body's production of estrogen? I was concerned because I thought my body was also producing estrogen in addition to getting supplementation form the patches.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 26

The estrogen patches will not prevent your ovaries from making estrogen. If you are on Lupron, too, that will prevent estrogen production.



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