estrogen levels
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Mbre - October 26

hi Dr. J

I came in on day 3 of my cycle to test my levels. Like is stated before FSH 6, Est-90 and progestrone .2 and LH 2.

Prior to my beta day I was taking estridal pills and after my negative beta my RE said to continue to take it. So could me estrogen level be that high becasue of that?

Also when i did an u/s he saw a cyst in my right ovary and "no activity" in my left. From this info would you declare me having "poor ovarian reserve?

I had 2 failed cycles, but I believe it is due to the amount of pain I have to endure during my transfer (narrow cervix)

I am going to give my RE anotehr shot. I wanted to know if this doesnt work, how would someone like me who lives in NYC get on a protocol with your clinic in Albany? How would it work? I would have to travel every other day for a beta?

Please if you can answer my questions to the best of your ability? I asked you about SIRM but funny thing I cannot find anyhthing on them as far as statistical rates.

Thanks Dr. J


B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 26

If you do not have greater than 4 visible follicles on each ovary, you probably have poor ovarian reserve, even though your FSH is OK. Your estrogen level is a little high. We do see that when ovaries are starting to run out of eggs, and, apparently, that helps suppress FSH.
Good luck.


Mbre - October 27

Thanks Dr. J

OK, well last month prior to starting the cycle I had 4 follicles on the left and 4 on the right on day 3 of a u/s, with normal blood. Is it possible the very large cyst cause the follicules from developing? I just dont undedrstand it cnahged drastically from being viewed as normal to low?

Also If I do have "low ovarian reserve", what protocl would you recommend? And what are the succes in these rates?

I am 27 years old 2 failed IVF attemps. One on goanl/repronex 6 days. I produced 5 eggs 4 were retrived amd 3 fertilised 2 madre it to blast.
2nd IVF was on clomid 50 mg 7 days, I made 2 big follies failed IVF.

1. What protocol would you use for a low ovarian reserve? What are tje success rates?

2. What would you do with some1 with a very narrow cervix?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 27

Most women under the age of 30 do not have low ovarian reserve, but it is certainly possible. For my patients who are poor responders to stimulation, I use a micro-dose flare protocol. Before I start an IVF cycle on a patient with a stenotic cervix, I dilate the cervix while the patient is anesthetised. Only once did the cervix not remain open enough to pass an embryo transfer catheter.
Good luck.


Mbre - October 29

Also Dr J, was it possible my estrogen level was slighlty higer because I had a large cysy in my right ovary?

Prgesterpne .2
LH 2
Estrogen 90



B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 29

eh cyst may have been producing estrogen, but I would expect it to also be producing progesterone, if it were hormonally active.
Good luck.



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