Estrace Priming ?????
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Dixielou - January 26

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I am 34 years old and have been trying to conceive for about 2 years. I have damaged tubes so after a few IUI's my doc said to go to IVF. 8 months ago I went in and got my hormones tested and my FSH was 55!!! I had no idea and the doc at the time was negative and said I will never get pregnant. I went into a deep depression and got proactive. At that time my FSH was so high, I was going through a lot of trauma i.e. old friend committed suicide so I think that threw my hormones off balance.
I went to a fertility acupuncturist and have been consistenly weekly. I drink the raw herbs that I cook twice a day. My husband and I decided to just take a break from all the craziness (it put a big strain on our marriage) and a few months later I got tested and my FSH went down to 14.6!!! We still didnt do IVF and in December it went to 12!!! I also had 7 basal antral follicles. That's not great but ok. I took Estrace that month until my period so I guess I responded right? So this month we decided if it looks good, we were going to go for it. I was so excited and nervous. My doc was out of town so i saw another one. Oh, I switched docs form the first one and he's amazing (Dr. Marrs). He did an ultrasound and he only saw 2 basal antral follicles so he said it wouldn't be a good month stimulation. I have been crushed and am scared. My FSH went up to 16. My estradial was 37 which is normal. I don't understand but the doc said not every month will be good. Oh, he wants me to take 2 mg Estrace before my period. I guess that helps with the follicles. Has anyone heard of this and is it successful?
What's weird is that my cycles are pretty regular and I usually always ovulate. Anyways, this is a new journey for me and I have to know that it may take time. I am glad I found this site. i feel very alone. Any comments would be great.My doc said to not worry but that's easier said than done!!Thanks
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B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 26

All of the FSH determinations you have related are high. Obviously some are worse than others. There are some data in the professional literature that follicle count of the ovaries is a better test of ovarian reserve than a day 3 FSH. To have adequate ovarian reserve, you need to have greater than 4 visible follicles on each ovary. From your description, you may need an egg donor.
Good luck.


Dixielou - January 26

I forgot to mention that when i had an FSH of 12 I had 7 visible follicles. That's better right?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 27

Good luck. It is worth a try, but please be realistic in your expectations.



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