Estrace for Fertility Treatments: What You Should Know
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ivfprescriptions - September 8

Estrace comes as either a cream or an oral pill, depending on what your doctor has prescribed. Both are a form of estrogen and it is used to treat women whose estrogen levels are preventing them from becoming pregnant. Estrace is often used with IVF treatments, and may be prescribed for use in combination with other fertility medications.

Estrace and IVF, By the Numbers

It is quite common these days for doctors to prescribe Estrace to maintain or increase the endometrial lining in the uterus, or in combination with progesterone in order to produce and sustain viable eggs and promote conception, especially when IVF is being used. There have been at least 10 or more fertility studies which indicated that estrogen supplementation in combination with progesterone in the luteal phase (when going through IVF) resulted in a higher clinical pregnancy rate. The usual dosage is 2mg taken 2-3 times a day orally, or you may be prescribed a cream. As with any fertility medication, of course, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Estrace Experiences

Patient # 1: A woman has just started on Estrace and is having some slight nausea, she asks if it is normal for this reaction to fertility medications, and if it goes away. Many responses reassure her that this is completely normal with this as it is estrogen, after all. The doctor should continue to monitor, however, and make adjustments as needed.

Patient # 2: A patient was given the Estrace pills but was told to take them vaginally to encourage fertility. She wonders if anyone else has had side effects other than the blue discharge. Several respond saying that they had little to no side effects from taking it vaginally, and that it did work.

Patient # 3: A woman writes that she was prescribed Estrace and immediately went home and Googled it. She is alarmed at the potential harm if pregnant and taking this IVF medication. Many responders told her that they were all prescribed Estrace during their fresh cycles of IVF. Another woman writes that she stayed on it for the first 10 weeks of her pregnancy and that her child was born quite healthy. She tells the poster that Estrace is one of the ‘good guys’ in the fertility medication world.

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