emdometrium lining
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shellym - April 5

I have been ttc for 30 months with no success . All my reports and my husbands are normal and doctor said it as unexplained infertility . I tried 3 normal clomid cycles with 50 , 100 ,100 with no success and also tried IUI with clomid but iam unlucky and doctor again tried clomid cycle with estrace and progestrone repostories as my endometrium lining was very thin it was 3.8 mm when i did ultrasound on day 13th even after using estrace seems like the medicine is not working on me . I think because of my very thin lining i am not able to conceive for past 30 months and none of doctors have noted that untill i changed the doctor last month and she prescribed estrace for the lining but luck is not favoring me and i got negative test results . Please suggest me how to increase the lining apart from using estrace i know that lining is the most important aspect in getting preganant which is only problem i am having . I am getting depressed every months passes with no success . Appreciate any suggestions .


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 7

Clomid is probably the cause of the thin lining. I do not prescribe Clomid. Please read the information I have provided on our web site, <www.texasfertility.com>.
Good luck.


shellym - April 8

Thanks Jacobs,
i am planning to have an ultrasound on day 3 of my cycle , how much should be the endometrium lining on day 3 . Last month i was on estrace 2mg but that didn't help in thicking the lining and later i was asked to take 4mg of estrace daily . Does estrace really helps in thicking the lining or it depends on the body type ? what would be the maximum dosage to increase the lining ? Do we have any other medication to increase the lining other than estrace . Please let me know your thoughts.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 10

After you pass a certain blood level of a hormone, more does not provide a greater effect. It may require more time. Also, if your thyroid hormone is low, you may have a poor response,
Good luck.



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