Embryo transfer problems?
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karenm28 - July 20

Hope this isn't a silly question.
I have a retroverted uterus and what has been described as a sharp bend to get into my cervix.
However my fertility tests are all fine and we have a male factor problem so we have tried ICSI.

When I had Embryo Transfer during ICSI(sadly negative result) the nurse tried one catheter which just stabbed me and hurt.
Then she used a stiffer one, she said it was in my uterus but I never felt a thing.
The embryos had to be taken in and out of the room twice while she was getting the catheter in.

When the doctor had done a trial ET during EC (requested by me as there had been problems doing my HSG test previously) I felt the catheter go through the cervix, it was a bit painful and I always feel smear tests so my cervix is very sensitive to any medical procedures.

Due to me not feeling a thing I can't help thinking this nurse didn't even get the embryos into my uterus.
I think I should have at least felt the catheter going through the cervix.
Is this completely paranoid? - they were watching on ultrasound but seemed to be having trouble seeing properly due to tilted uterus and my full bladder blocking their view rather than helping.
The nurse seemed a bit nervous and when she first put the speculum in it just fell out onto the floor while she was getting the first catheter which didn't give me much confidence.

What do you think? My DH says there is nowhere else the catheter could have gone but I am having doubts it was in the right place. We have our review appointment so I wonder if I should insist that I don't have this nurse next time or if I am being paranoid.
Thanks for reading
Aged 33


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 20

I have no way of knowing if your embryos might not have been deposited in the right place, and cannot speculate. We do not want any uterine cramping during or after the transfer. it decreases oddds of pregnancy. We use ultrasound guidance to assure we are depositing embryos at about the middle of the uterine cavity.
Good luck.



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