Embryo Transfer after Ovarian Torsion Surgery
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fionak - July 21

I am 34. I have a healthy child from my first marriage. My new husband has had a vasectomy, so to get pregnant, we underwent sperm aspiration and IVF. Towards the end of my med cycle, I was told I was in danger for OHSS. I had to drink gallons of gatorade, and my meds were abruptly cut to 1/4 the planned amount. My doctor retrieved 25 eggs. Five days later, I had to have emergency surgery for ovarian torsion (I never knew such pain was survivable) . When asked, my doctor simply said he didn't know why my ovaries became so big that they twisted in on themselves!? Isn't that a consequence of OHSS? TWO DAYS after surgery I had a transfer with two (highest grade) blastocysts. At this point, my stomach was grotesquely swollen, black and blue - and I was bleeding steadily. I didn't get pregnant. But all along I didn't see how any embryo could adhere to a uterus with such heavy blood flow. Now, we are out $15,000, and I have to pay an additional $3500 to attempt a frozen blast transfer. I'm upset, broke and really quite traumatized by the pain I endured from the torsion (I’m a trooper, but it was awful). It took two and a half months to get back to the gym and my body still feels bad and foreign to me. I think I was injecting too much hormone for a fertile woman. Obviously, I am no expert, but it was a worry that I brought up to the med staff often. I don't think my care was individualized enough for my specific circumstances. Consequently, I'd like to have my eight remaining embryos transferred to another clinic. Is this practical? Am I being a sore loser? :'(


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 21

They are your embryos, and you have every right to transfer them wherever you please. Try to be sure it is a reliable IVF program. I think most are. In the US, the only restratint on the doctor you choose is your insurance company.
Good luck.



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