Embryo Quality
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bloom7 - February 10

Hi - I'm new to this board and a bit confused by all the abbreviations. So please be patient with me.

This is my first IVF cycle after 3 unsuccessful IUIs. I did get pregnant once, on my first cycle using Clomid but miscarried at 7 weeks. That was over a year ago and since then we've had no luck. I started my first IVF cycle on Saturday 1/26/08 and today was supposed to be my embryo transfer. My fertility clinic monitors pretty closely. When I went in for morning monitoring on Thursday, 1/31 I had 9 follicles - 7 over 11mm and 2 which were 10mm. Then I went back on Saturday 2/2 and only had 7 follicles. On Sunday 2/3 I still had only 7 follicles. My RE had me go back on Monday 2/4 and there were 9 again. On Wednesday 2/6 I have 11 eggs retrieved and 4 of them fertilized. My ET was scheduled for Saturday on 2/9 but the fertility clinic called me about 1/2 hour before my appoint. They said one of the embryos was at a 7 cell stage but poor quality and the other three were at 4 cell embryos. :'( So we're waiting until Tuesday for the transfer but their might not be a transfer if they don't develop.

My question is has anyone had a 4 cell embryo on day 3 that has gone on to a full-term baby?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 11

An embryo which has only grown to 4 cells in 3 days is growing slowly. The probability is that it is not a good embryo.
Good luck.


Mbre - February 11

Hi Bloom,
If you look at my earlier post i was in the same boat. on day 3 i had 7 fertilise and 3 of them were 6-7 cells and the rest at 4 cell stage. i was told that they were ok quality but nothing to be happy about. on day 5 right, 2 hours before my transfer i got a call saying all my eggs had arrested.. then on day 6 got a call saying the 7 cell made it to blast, had the transfer the same day. I got a positive beta last week, now i know a positve beta simply means that the embryo has attached, it is not a confirmed pregnancy until beta are doubling and a hearbeat is detected. I just wanted to give you hope.



bloom7 - February 11

Hi Mbre,

Thanks - your experience is encouraging. Maybe one made it to blast, I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

Good luck to you too! And again thanks for sharing.




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