E2 low on Day 7
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JudyY - December 8

Any concerns with E2 at 223 on Day 7?

My history:
IVF#1: Cancelled day 4 dominant follicle. (Lupron/Follistim)
IVF#2: Made it to ER with 7 mature eggs using 175 Follistim in am and 3 vials Repronex in PM with Ganirelix for 4 days at the end. Lab negligence throwing away eggs caused me to freeze 4 embies and start again.
IVF#3: RE modified meds to 175 follistim in am and in pm. Plan was to start microdose HCG and Ganirelix when lead follicle at 12. Day 4 apt. 7 follicles. Day 7 still 7 follicles largest is at 8. My E2 is only 223. RE changed meds back to IVF#2 Follistim in am and Repronex in pm, he said I may need the LH. Next check on Friday.

A couple questions: E2 so low so I will need to stim longer. Is there damage to eggs if you stim too long?

Why would I progress so slowly with Follistim, RE says that 175 follistim is equal to the Repronex. What is the difference in the two.

Also, microdose HCG is new for my clinic. What are the benefits of using this? Now that I am back on Repronex will I need this?

Thanks in advance for your response.



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - December 8

Repronex and Follistim are not really the same. Repronex is like Pergonal, of old, and is a mixture of both FSH & LH. Follistim is PURE recombinant FSH. The addition of hCG is like adding LH. In my hands, I get better quality eggs and embryos if I do not add any LH. From your poor response, you may not have many follicles to stimulate. You may need an egg donor.
Good luck.


JudyY - December 12

Day 11 and I have 7 follicles >11, largest is 17.5 and my E2 is 1000. We are stimming 1 more day and will trigger tomorrow. I think the repronex is what I needed because E2 has gone up since I started as well as the growth of the follies.

I am suprised you mentioned DE since my last cycle gave me 7 mature eggs. Was it the low E2 that lead you to that or the low # of follicles?

Thanks, this whole process creates many ??




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