Do You Gain Weight While Taking Vivelle Estradiol Patch?
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ivfprescriptions - August 1

Read any of the forums where women are currently taking any form of fertility med and you’ll see the inevitable discussion about weight gain while taking various meds, including Vivelle. Most of them are concerned at the weight gain, while others have indicated that they did not gain weight, or even lost weight. So what gives? Does taking fertility medications mean that you are going to gain a few pounds? And why does it cause weight gain in some, and not in others?

No Two Women React the Same on Fertility Medications
And that’s it in a nutshell. Each woman’s physical chemistry is different. In general, endocrinologists believe that what is happening is that in women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal, or where there is a hormonal imbalance to begin with, then there will be some weight gain. The key is to properly balance the progesterone to the estrogen levels. It’s a ratio thing, and not a numerical thing. This is because progesterone declines with age, moreso than estrogen. So, in some women whose estradiol levels are too high, in relation to their progesterone, then weight gain may result.

Why Patches are Better for Fertility Treatments
Most doctors agree that the transdermal patches, such as Vivelle, are a better delivery system because it bypasses the liver, and more closely mimics the uptake that nature intended. Plus, the bioidentical fertility medications (namebrand ONLY) are really key to maintaining the overall balance in the body. Buying generics will never leave you happy, and in the long run, could also be contributing to the weight gain.

Vivelle Experiences
Patient#1: Her experiences with Vivelle were actually quite good. For the first time in many years she was able to sleep through the night, lost a bit of weight, and had energy. She is grateful for this particular fertility med.

Fertilitycentral. org
Patient#2: A woman reports that she was placed on the patch to increase the lining of her uterus, and that the Vivelle had increased it from a 5 to a 7. She changes the patch out every other day and is five weeks pregnant. As far as fertility medications go, she likes this one compared to others. She’s had very few side effects.
Patient#3: A patient is starting Vivelle for the first time and asks for advice from fellow forum posters. One woman responds stating that the glue is difficult to get off sometimes, but that she uses baby oil to remove it. Others state that they’ve been on them for several cycles and that as far as fertility meds go, there are almost zero side effects.



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