difficult ER - Need advice
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lyly14 - January 28

Dr. Jacobs- I could really use some advice. I had my first ER yesterday (Sunday) and my RE had a difficult time retrieving eggs. I had 19 follicles by u/s in the office on Friday. The actual procedure was performed in another site and they were only able to retrieve 6 eggs. The doctor told me that he did the best he could and was happy he at least got the six. The problem was he couldn't visualize the follicles clearly enough to retrieve more safely and couldn't even see the right ovary. He said the resolution was not good and tried to move me in several different positions, but it didn't help. Needless to say the 6 that were retrieved were only from the left. During the u/s monitoring in his office he never had difficulty seeing my left ovary at all, but needed to push on the right side to visualize the right. I do not know the fertilization results yet, but am very disappointed only getting 6 eggs with that many follicles . I know the chances are higher with a higher yield of eggs. I really like and trust my RE, but am not sure if the equipment used in the ambulatory surgery center could make such a vast difference from what he uses in his office. What do you think? If this is not successful, would it be worth trying again at the same clinic? or should I expect the same problem? I know you cannot tell me what went wrong or what to do, but any light you can shed on the subject would be appreciated. I truly value your opinion. Thank you so much for all your expertise and knowledge.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 28

Please have this discussion with you rRE. If he is someone you trust, he will probably have a frank discussion with you. From oyur discussion, my guess is that he is not happy with the facility, either. He will probably try to make some changes.
Good luck.


lyly14 - January 28

Thank you Dr. Jacobs- I found out this afternoon that 6 out of 6 fertilized. So I am at least happy with that. Hopefully there will be 2 good embies to place in on Wed. I do know that the embryology lab is moving to another facility, which may indicate that they were unhappy with the hospital they were using too. This is the last month they are doing IVF here and then they are shutting down and moving. I am praying this works and I wont have to worry about the next time, but I will speak to my dr as you suggested.



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