Day 3 Estrogen level
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christiechris - March 12

I started lupron Friday and Gonal F on Sunday. Today I went in for my first ultrasound and bloodwork since starting stim meds and they saw TWO follicles and my level was 45.7. I am 39 and am trying to stay positive. Today's call was from a new nurse so I didn't feel comfortable pressing her for interpretation. She did tell me Friday's sono/bloodwork should be more telling, but I think at this point it's not looking good. Where should day three levels be? Any idea? I went through IVF 12 years ago and didn't log anything. I got 20 eggs but was also 27, and got prego the first time. Any insight you can provide would be most appreciated. Anyone log their levels day 3?

current protocol, in case it's relevant

lupron 2x day - 20units ea
menopur 150 - nighttime
gonal f - 300 am; 150 pm



B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 12

You are still early in the stimulation. If there were ONLY 2 follicles seen, that is not encouraging. If there were 2 greater than 9 mm average deameter, and some smaller ones, that is better.
Good luck.


lwalker25 - March 12

Hey! We had a BFN on our first IVF cycle in November but I did log everything and on day 3 my estrogen was 241. Hope this helps, good luck.



christiechris - March 13

Thank you for both your responses. I'm going to reserve the "freak out" until tomorrow when they do another sono. I have read women are born with a finite number of cycles/eggs. I wonder if my first cycle reduced my longevity by two years since we got 20 eggs. Who knows, all I know is I'm going on faith - if it's supposed to happen, then it will. If not, then it's not going to happen. I can just be willing. *sigh*

I'll post results on Friday. I think if there are still just two they are going to pull the plug - won't retrieve for any less than three.

At that point, there's no value in another cycle I don't think..


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 14

You do not loose more eggs with ovarian stimulation. You are continually losing eggs, even while on birth control pills. All stimulation for IVF or ovulation induction does is cause follicles to grow, that were going to die.
Good luck.



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