Cramping after ET?
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TTC2long - June 1

Hi Dr. Jacobs,
This is my second IVF and I had no problems with the first except poor quality embryo's which was in 2005. So it's hard to compare but anyways wondering if cramping after embryo transfer is normal? I was fine right after but later in the afternoon I had some mild cramping and I can't distinguish if it was the same kind of "cramping" I've been having since my ER because of the procedure and swollen ovaries. Later in the evening it was a bit worse BUT after going to the washroom I was fine so I was chalking it up to that. Today I feel fine but can't help wonder if maybe the cramping wasn't a good thing and that my embryo's were affected This has been my best cycle in terms of quality of my embryo's (we transfered 4 all between 6 and 10 cells, a grade 1, 2 grade 2's and a grade 3) so to think that the cramping may of hurt things really scares me. So is cramping normal? This never happened the first time.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 1

As long as your uterus was not cramping, it is not a problem for your embryos. Your cramping could be from your ovaries, if you mildly hyperstimulated, or it could be from your bowel. Neither of those 2 would effect your embryos.
Good luck.


TTC2long - June 1

Thank you Dr. Jacobs!! It wasn't like normal AF type cramps so I don't think it was uterine cramping. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.



sonia989 - June 2

What does it do to the embryos if your uterus cramps? I had assorted cramps and heard that AF-type cramps are pretty common in early pregnancy. In my case, 1 embryo did implant, but we still don't know where.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 2

We do know that uterine cramping with embryo during embryo transfer decreases pregnancy rates. Apparently uterine activity interferes with implantation. as far as cramping in subsequent days, I have nno information.



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