Cost of ICSI/IVF
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Sarc - December 5


I originally posted this in the male infertility section but I think it should prpbably be in this section.

Me and my wife are hoping to begin the process of ICSI/IVF next year. The fertility problem is with me and not her. Our familes will be helping us with the cost as it is not something we are in a postion to afford on our own. I am asking for some feedback regarding the price others have paid so I can discuss with my family before we proceed. We are in Texas and will be doing it in the DFW area if that makes a difference. Any feedback would be greatly appriciated!!

We are hopefull!


Nix - December 5

Dear Sarc,

I am in Atlanta and I was told that if I had IVF with ICSI it would cost about $15 000 and the medication is about $3 000. The RE that I was seeing requires a $12 000 deposit before they will start treatment. Our medical insurance does not cover infertility treatments, so everything is out of pocket for us. As a result, we have decided to go to South Africa for IVF, the medical care there is some of the best in the world and the IVF with ICSI only costs about $3000!! So even with flights, it still works out to half of what we would pay here.

Hope that helps.



Marina - December 5

I live in MN,we just had done IVF with ISCI. The meds were $2500(they give you list onlne farmacies that are much cheaper and specialize only in ifertility).The procedure it self was$12000 ,all the tests,ultrasounds"before" and after the procedure NOT included in price,so it's extra,all sperm testing-extra(some of them might cover your insurance),some blood work(like STD testing may be covered).They usuallly give you list of all services and you can submit it to your insurance to see what they will cover)
If you have time you and your wife can be off work(about 1 month) you can try foregin country( I don't know about S.Africa,but have very reliable info from the Ukraine if interested you can e-mail me-cost $5000 in your case,+traveling $1500 for 2 roundtrip tickets)
They also ofer you "insurance"(in US)- if you don't get PG after 3 tryes you get your money back(-meds).And i think it depends on your wife age(from$25000).It make sence if you decide to go all the way no matter what to get PG(but even than there no garanties...),but if you get PG after 1st time,you'll lose $10000-8000...)


bdantonio - December 5

i live in delaware and the cost at my RE was $10,000.00


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 5

My best estimate as to the TOTAL cost of an IVF-ICSI cycle in our practice is less tha $13,000. I cannot predict with perfect accuracy how much medication a patient will require, and that stuff is expensive. I suggest you check with your RE for an estimate of the cost in that practice.
Good luck.



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