considering IVIg therapy
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smart - March 16

Hello Dr Jacob,
after 8mc's i am now looking into paying to have uterus checked for natural killer cells aswell as IVIg therapy. I see from my research that the states use it as a norm fort treatment where as the UK seem to be reluctant with only some private clinics offering to do it! The NHS wont touch it. DO you think it is a good therapy to use and do you use it in Texas?
Thanks wenXXX.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 16

There are more probable reasons for your recurrent miscarriages than natural killer cells. In fact, there is evidence that the natural killer cells found in blood are a different population than those found in the uterus. What are we measuring? Please see the information I have provided on our web page, <>. The whole concept of natural killer cells as a cause is very controvercial, and poorly supported. Treatment with IVIg is not documented as a useful treatment. Only one group of investigators claims to have evidence of efficacy. One treatment with IVIg requires blood from approximately 750 donors. That is the risk of getting 750 transfusions. Our blood supply is reasonably safe, but there is still a risk, for no proven benefit. I do not use this treatment protocol.
Good luck.


smart - March 19

Thanks you so much Dr jacob for replying you really are so very helpful.
I think we are so desperate but have little money that we are just trying to find an answer and cure so to speak.

One clinic in uk test blood for
NKcells activationmarker CD-69 and NKcells cytotoxicity

where as another clinic does an endometrium biopsie in uterus for the cells!

Other than the NKcells testing i realy have been tested for everything else to no avail!!!
I dont particularlt like the ideas of the ivig treatment but these clinics say they can get me results.

Some clinics use anti tnf treatment such as Humira or Enbrel, what do you think to these treatments?
Many thanks again Dr Jacob, greatly appreciated.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 19

I have seen no data regarding the use of immuno-suppressive therapy to treat recurrent miscarriage or failed implntation. I do not even know if the drugs are safe to use during pregnancy.\
Good luck.



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