confused about betas and sonogram
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jenn525 - December 28

i just completed my first IVF cycle (transferred 2 8 cell embryos) and thankfully it was successful. my first beta was 271 on 14days post egg retrieval, then two days later it was 713 and then a week later (which was yesterday) at 22 days post retrival it was 4833. i also had a sonogram yesterday. RE saw one sac with a yolk and a second something that he said could be another sac, but her couldn't be positive. from what i'm reading online, my 3rd beta is not necessarily consistent with twins. it seems low, but i am wondering if its not twins, what could that it be? could it have been a twin and now it has stopped growing?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 28

I do not perform an ultrasound until 5 to 6 weeks after egg retrieval. It is just too early to obtain really reliable information. As far as the hCG levels, there is a very wide range of normal.


jenn525 - December 28

would you say that my levels are normal for a singleton, twins or both? also when watching beta levels, what is more important the levels themselves, or the doubling rates? from beta #2 to #3 the doubling rate was 2.15 days - is that too slow - for twins, a single?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 29

It is not possible to determine singleton from twin pregnancy based on hCG levels. If the level at least doubles in 48 hours, all it implies is a good pregnancy.


jenn525 - December 29

my last beta took 52 hours to double. the first two were more than doubling much quicker. my sonogram indicated that there had been 2 implantations - but we could only see a yolk in one if them. could this mean that there were two and now there is only one? or could there still be two growing?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 31

If the ultrasound was performed too early, you might not see very much, at all. I wait until about 7 weeks of pregnancy (5 weeks after retrieval) or even later to do an ultrasound. You just cannot see much before then.
Good luck.



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