Cancelled-day 2 of stims?
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JudyY - August 26

Hi Dr. Jacobs-

I am doing IVF for PGD (carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). No known fertility issues. I was on the long Lupron protocal and started stims on Tuesday with 125 Follistim in am and in pm w/Lupron 10 units once a day. This morning at U/S the Dr saw 1 large follicle on my left ovary and 2 large on my right ovary and a couple very small ones. I was told that they are concerned about dominant follicles and the others not growing. As I am doing this with PGD they want more then 3. He told me I would most likely be cancelled unless my estrogen levels were way low. If low we could try a couple of more days and see if smaller follicles start growing. He will call this afternoon.

I am thinking we should just cancel regardless of estrogen levels vs. spending more money on Follistim and cancelling in a couple of days anyways. Why would I have a dominant follicle on day 2 after being on Lupron for 2 weeks prior to stims? Is there a better protocal for someone who had dominant follicles so quickly?

Thanks in advance for your answer.



BArry Jacobs, M. D. - August 26

I do not know the sizes of the "large follicles", and do not know if they were present before you started Follistim. If they were ther before Follistim, they are cysts, left over from your previous cycle, without Follistim.
Good luck.


JudyY - August 26

At suppression check, I was told I had 5-6 follicles on both ovaries. My estrogen was 125 and the follicle on left was 12 cm. This is my first time with IVF. I was officially cancelled and will talk to Dr. on Monday for new protocal. He wants to try something new to get more follicles due to PGD.


meridithhasfaith - August 27

Sorry for the barge but I thought that *ideally*, supression meant an estrogen level under 50. 125 seems really high for them to have started you on stims. I'm curious about what the doctor has to say about this.




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