Bleeding with puregon is normal?
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lucky - December 12

Hie doc
am realy worried ???its the 9th day since av started puregon and know r near my ratrieval. i have started to bleed last night it was heavy at first but light know just like periods with some pain any comment would be great
please answer as soon as possible


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 12

If you do have eggs for retrieval, you may need to freeze all the embryos, until you rendometrium can be propperly prepared. I am not sure why you are bleeding, unless your dose of Puregon was cut, and your estrogen level fell.
Good luck.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 13

Please rely on the directions from your RE.
Good luck.


lucky - December 14

Hie docter
i totally agree with u that i should rely on my re , I was at my re and she saw the linning and the follicules every thing is normal i have 4 follicules on my left there size 14 and 4 on my left that r size between 15 to18 is this good enough for my ratrieval on monday , she had no answer for my bleeding 1% in a 100 have it, no one knows the cause, i have low estrogen levels shes not worried aboat my low level of esrogen they think it should not be over so that am not over stimulating low deos not bother them, i hope this all should be right? ??? :-\


lucky - December 15

Hie docter
i hope ur doing well, Just wanted to say my bleeding has stopped and i hope for a transfer on thursday, if every thing goes well , i will appriciate if u would anwer some of the above questions,
tahnk u very much


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 16

I am sorry, but I am not sure what questions you wish answered. If your endometrium is greater than 7 mm thick before a week's progesterone treatment, it may be ready for embryos.
Good luck.


lucky - December 20

Hie docter jacob,
Ihope we r not disturbing u through ur chrismas hollidays, I had my transfer on the 19th utrus size was 12 and the embroy was divided in to 3, looking back at my history 8 years unexplained infertility do i hold a good chance with one embroy and of such qoulity?
I had 10 eggs at ratrieval from which 8 were good and 2 were not mature enough,on 4 eggs they did normal ivf and on the other 4 they did icsi because looking at my infertility for 8 years , The ones that were fertalised with ivf 3 made it out of 4 and on icsi 4 made it out of 4,I had no embroys that could survive the frozen process,
Thank u so much for all ur help and merry chrismas


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 21

I n part, your pregnancy probability depends on the lab and clinic you are using. They can give you a better estimate as to your probability of success.
Good luck.



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