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jennt - December 11

Alittle background: 1 of 5 3 day embryos made it to blast on day 6 of a FET cycle. The1 blast was transfered.

My nurse called this afternoon to inform me that my 8dpt beta was 39 and my 10 dpt was 54. I told her I was concerened because it did not double and she said it was fine. Do you agree. She said my next beta is in 10 days. What do you think about this?

Thank you- Jenn


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 11

I would feel better if your hCG had at least doubled in 48 hours. I would also repeat it in another 48 hours to find out if it did double in the second time frame.
Good luck.


jennt - December 12


A third beta was taken today (12 days past transfer) and it went up to 74. So, it went from 39 to 54 to 74. What do you make of that?

Thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 13

Since the level is not doubling in 48 hour intervals, I am concerned you rpregnancy may not make it.
Good luck.


jennt - December 13

Thank you for your responses to my questions. I have a few more.

1. What causes HCG level increase if the pregnancy is not viable?

2. I am wondering why the HCG levels continue to increase and how long does it usually take for them to drop off or stop increasing?

3. How long would you let this go on before you took your patient off her meds?

4. What would you consider this, a miscarriage, blight ovum (sp?), a chemical pregnancy, or something else?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 13

1. The placenta makes hCG. Placental tissue can live for a significant period of time after the pregnancy, itself stops growing.

2. The placenta can continue to produce hCG after the pregnancy stops growing.

3.Once there is evidence that the pregnancy is not viable, I recommend discoutinuing hormone support of pregnancy.

4. A "blight ovum" results in miscarriage. Although it is only one cause of miscarriaqge. the result is the same.

Good luck.


jennt - December 15

Today my beta went up to 139. So... 39, 54, 74, 139. Are there any possibilities that this pregnancy could be viable if the numbers keep increasing like they did in the last 48 hrs?

I hope I am not dwelling on this too much but it is hard not to. I appreciate your time.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 15

It is possible. I do wish you luck.


jennt - December 19

Hi Dr.

My levels are now at 499. They went from 39, 54, 74, 139 on Thurs. and 499 on Monday. All levels were taken 48 hrs apart except for the last one. Is is possible? Will levels continue to increase if there is no embryo present and until what point?

thank you- Jenn


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 20

Actually, unless you received an injection of hCG, your last pair of values is encouraging.
Good luck.


jennt - December 29

Hi Dr. Jacobs.

Would you take a look at these numbers and tell me what you think at this point.

FET #1 11/30/06 - 5 day blast
Beta #1 12/08/06 39
Beta #2 12/10/06 54
Beta #3 12/12/06 74
Beta #4 12/14/06 139
Beta #5 12/18/06 499
Beta #6 12/28/06 3000

The levels increased to 3000 in 10 days but I am concerned of an ectopic pregnancy. Do you see this as being a concern? Would I have symptoms by now (6w2days pregnant)?

Thanks alot...


kfreedom - December 29

What does your doctor and/or IVF nurse tell you?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 29

I would not expect an ectopic pregnancy to produce that nice rise of hCG. An ultrasound evaluation at 5 to 6 weeks after egg retrieval will tell you where the pregnancy is. If you have pain before that time, see your RE right away.
Good luck.


jennt - December 29

My nurse tells me to watch for pain (which I kinda have a dull pain on the right side that has not really gone aways for about a day and a half) and wait for the u/s on Tues.


jennt - December 30

Had an U/S today to rule out ectopic. Ends up to be a blight ovum. A sac was seen but no yolk. Thank you for all of your help and patience Dr. Jacobs.




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