Beta more then doubling!
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Tiffany F - January 21

Hi Dr Jacobs,

I found out after over 20 m/cs that I had a setum in my uterus. I had surgey on Sept 5th to have it removed. My last period was on Nov 16 and I miscarried on Dec 19th. I have'nt had a period, I found out last friday I was pregnant and my beta was 622, I went in on Thursday. I went in again on Sunday 72 hours later and it was 2128. I had to go to the emergency last night because I suffered from a seizure and I was told my beta was 5,000. Sould I be worried? Are my numbers progressing to fast? Any info will be greatly appreciated....Thanks, China


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 21

In a normal pregnancy, during the first 8 weeks, the hCG level should AT LEAST double avery 48 hours. It sounds as though you are doing just fine. Do not worry that it is more than doubling. It is not so high as to be worrisome that it might be an abnormal pregnancy.


Tiffany F - January 22

Dr Jacobs,

Usually in pregnancies that are going to end up in m/c does the beta usually start out doubling as mine has? Or does it not double?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 22

Yours seems to be behaving like a normal pregnancy. If your hCG were not at least doubling, I would be concerned. I think yours is fine.


Tiffany F - January 23

Dr Jacobs,

I'm not sure how I should take this news. I went in for another beta yesterday and the nurse said it was 9,000. It was like 5,000 early Tuesday morning. Should I be worried? I have had over 20+ m/cs I'm being seen by an excellent RE who removed most of the septum in my uterus, before I found out I was pregnant I was waiting to get my period to schedule an off Hysterscopy to remove the remainder of the septum. This is usually the time I m/c 5-6 weeks. Any info would be greatly appreciated as always....Thanks, China


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 24

If your hCG level is at least doudling in 48 hours, you are probably OK. I have no data for 72 hours or other intervals. Also, it is important that the assay be performed in the same lab, using the same procedures.
Good luck.


Tiffany F - January 28

Hi Dr Jacobs,

It's me again, ok so my numbers went from 9008 on 1/22 to 23,946 on 1/26. What I want to no is do the numbers increase if your threating a miscarriage? Also I have had 5 beta test, how many do you recommend that your patients have? My Re's nurse said I don't need to have any more beta test done. My last period was on 12/19 which was actual a miscarriage, I have'nt had a period and I'm pregnant now....any advice would be greatly appreciated as always....Thanks, Tiffany


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 28

It sounds like you are progressing normally. Congratulations! You do not need another hCG determination. I absolutely understand why you are so anxious, but your anxiety seems to have reached a level harmful to you. If you were my patient, I would advise you to seek some counselling for your anxiety. It is hurting you. Please, for your well being, seek some help.



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