Bad news- Question
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Aimee37 - June 26

Hi Dr. Jacob-

I posted a couple days ago about my positive pregnancy test. I had a BETA at 80 at 16dpo. Well i got some bad news. My BETA dropped to 55. My nurse told me to stop all meds. :( I am so depressed, I went from an ultimate high to an ultimate low.

Can you tell me what causes this? What went wrong? Did id stick and than let go? Would you call this a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage?

Feeling like I got hit with a mac truck....


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 26

I am sorry you lost your conception. You had what we call a biochemical pregnancy. Only a third, to maybe half of the eggs a woman makes are capable of a successful pregnancy. It is fairly common for a pregnancy to start, and then drop out. If we were not doing IVF, we may not even notice that a conception took place.
I hope you are successful next time. Good luck.


Aimee37 - June 26

Thank you for your reply. I can't stop crying. I am hypersensitive.

Does this mean implantation took place and than quickly detached? Or no implantation ever took place?

I am reading different definitions on chemical pregnancies.


Aimee37 - June 26

This all makes sense why 5 day transfers are more sucessful. They are of higher quality.

I hope I don't have any hormonal, uterine or progesterone issues?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - June 27

I cannot tell you if implntation actually occurred, if there is not an ongoing pregnancy.
Good luck.


sonia989 - June 27

Hi Aimee,
I'm sorry for your loss. I also had a low beta, 35 at 12dp d3 transfer, then only up to 77 3 days later. but was told to continue taking the shots. It turned out to be a blighted ovum, which is usually caused by chromosomal abnormality. I carried an empty sac for 2 months before they finally told me i could stop the meds. When the sac was empty at 6, then 7 weeks, it was so obvious it was hopeless and i just wanted to move on. I think now that if there is something drastically wrong with a pregnancy, like in my case, a really early loss is just nature's way of preventing it from dragging on.
i really hope it works out better for you next time. I know infertility and ivf is so stressful and can be a real nightmare.


Aimee37 - June 29


Thank you for your comforting words & sharing your story with me. I can't tell you how depressed I am right now. What a dark lonely feeling. :-\

I am so sorry for your loss and what you had to go thru. How dreadful. :( I never thought I would have an early miscarriage for I have no infertility issues & am extremely fit. This was my 4th time ever trying to conceive. (I am a single mother by choice still trying to find Mr. Right) After miscarrying, I have done some research and that this is fairly common than one might think. At first I was blaming myself for what happened. What did I do that caused this? Being stressed out at work? Anxiety/worry? I am just hard on myself.

Yesterday I had a follow up with my RE and cried the entire appt., I could not help it. I feel a bit better after talking with my RE, she was so comforting and sympathetic towards me. She did tell me that on a good note, was that a conception did occur. (I wish it never happened though) I am to take 2 months off and start BCP's the month prior to starting my next IVF. I will take this next 2 months off and try to heal emotionally/physically.

Thank you for sharing you for your words of encouragement Sonia. :)



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